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Things To Do in Shangluo

Jinsi Canyon Scenic Area
1,018 Reviews
National Park
M22***25First of all, the scenery of Jinsi Gorge is still good, worth going, but must see my strategy, otherwise it will really be tired, the nature is not 😌😌😌. Jinsi Gorge Scenic Area has two doors, Ludumen, and Liyuanmen. Two doors 11 kilometers away, no transportation, pure by walking, it is recommended that Liyuan Gate, all the way down the mountain, can be a little easier. We went to the tourist center on May Day. It is about 10 o'clock in the morning. There is a big boat place. Pay attention here. If you can park the car to the tourist center, you must stop here. Because the scenic spot has a free shuttle bus. We were unwittingly guided by the scenic personnel and drove into the mountain. The winding of the Panshan Road is 18 kilometers away. It is very dangerous. There are no signs in the middle. At this time, we reached the fork in the road. It is written that the scenic vehicle goes to a similar road. Please remember to take this fork in the road. This is the way to the Liyuan Gate. Because I didn't know, I didn't go here, and then went straight for an hour and a half, and then was also directed by the traffic police to the dirt road, because the dirt road leads to the parking lot of a hotel, and then there are several people, let you scan the code to pay 😂😂😂, the key is that the car parked here, going to the land super door, There is also 1 km 😭😭😭, the hotel has a shuttle bus, basically can't be crowded, in the wilderness, tired. Then from the Ludumen into the scenic spot, the scenery is pleasant, went 4 kilometers, went to the cable car, at that time I thought, the cable car goes up, climb a top, is it coming down, it is over, think more, this cable car can be said to have no connection with the whole trip, after the cable car goes up, there is a jade emperor's top, But the grass is higher than the people, there is no way to see the mountains, but the scenery on the cable car is not bad. After taking the cable car down, and then going to the Liyuan Gate, it is the real canyon waterfall. Climbing up 8 kilometers all the way, really tired. The boat on the way, the raft, is not recommended to take, the distance is too short, the raft is taking pictures. When you arrive at Liyuan Gate, this trip is over? No, the car is still at Ludu Gate. You are doing a free bus to pick up the car. Then you can drive an 18-kilometer Ring Road to the visitor center. If you can park in the tourist center at first, you won't have to walk so many fork roads, then you'll encounter traffic jams and dirt roads, and people who charge for unruly fees.
Niubeiliang National Forest Park
693 Reviews
ZH_ValerieThe colorful plants, like every flower has life, jump in the space of nature, as if telling the story of spring, clear streams, with the fragrance of birdsong flowers, like a symphony orchestra playing.
Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic Area
418 Reviews
Geological Sites
清风若溪Qinling Cave Tianfudi Scenic Area was originally called Zhashui Karst Cave. It is located in Shiweng Town, 13 kilometers south of Zhashui County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. It is a natural cave wonder. The stalactites in the cave are in different poses, the stone birds, the beasts, the Buddhas, and the monkeys are wonderful, the stone flowers, the fruits, the mushrooms, and the grapes are crystal clear, amazing!
Tayun Mountain Scenic Spot
311 Reviews
蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Tayun Mountain is famous for Taoism in Qin, Qiong, Sichuan and Henan, and is located in Chaiping Town, 35 kilometers west of Zhen'an County. The main peak Jinding is 1665.8 meters above sea level. It is shaped like a pagoda and towers straight. It is known as the "Golden Ding Tattoo Sky, Songhai Cloud and Fog". The ancient Taoist architecture group was built in the Ming Dynasty (1505-1521), and consisted of one hall, one tower, one temple, one hall and nine halls. Especially Jinding Guanyin Hall, built on the top of the tower Yunshan Wanfeng, three sides hanging in the abyss, it is said to be a ghost axes, amazing, called "Qin Chu a pillar, the absolute top Taoist view." The ancient buildings of Tayun Mountain have been repaired five times since Qianlong, Qing Dynasty, and have been for more than 500 years, which is a provincial level second-class cultural relic protection unit. Tayun Mountain is famous for its extreme, strange, beautiful, spectacular and different gods, not only has a long-standing Taoist culture, but also has a colorful natural scenery. In 2011, Tayun Mountain was elected as the most promising ten-way famous mountain in China. The head of Taoist Association of China, Ren Farong, highly evaluated Tayun Mountain: "Qinling First Wonderland, the most dangerous Taoist view in the world." In December 2015, Tayun Mountain Scenic Area was selected as a national AAAA class tourist attraction.
Muwang National Forest Park
72 Reviews
朵朵白云🌷Muwang Mountain Scenic Area is mainly composed of Linhai Azalea and Qifeng Stone. It is divided into Sihaiping, Shuangtou Ma, Cigou and three major scenic spots and Yingzui Peak Special Reserve. 🌷 Sightseeing car 🚗 There are mainly two parking areas, Linhai Azalea and Sihai Ping direction, we went to the direction of Azalea Flower Sea, and then took a sightseeing car to Sihai Ping. Take a sightseeing car in each direction for about 20-25 minutes. 🌷 The azaleas in May have failed in the seventies and eights, and the occasional azaleas are surrounded by visitors like a baby to take pictures. The local staff told us that if you want to see the beautiful scenery of the azaleas in full bloom, you must hurry before and after the annual Qingming Festival. 🌷 Sihaiping Scenic Area is built on the sidewalk beside the river. Many places can go down to the river. The large slate is a good place for children to play. There is no turning back to the scenic spot. It takes about an hour to walk. I have to go through the scenic spot and walk to a meadow of a children's paradise. I saw the door of the four seas and arrived at the parking area.
Zhashui Zhongnan Mountain Qin and Chu Ancient Road
79 Reviews
Ancient Trail
M61***80[Scenic] The mountains and waters are beautiful and quiet. Huamen Tower enters about 7 days and 4 kilometers to the gate of the scenic spot. You can also take the scenic car from Huamen Tower to the money playground. The scenic spot is located at the gate of the scenic spot and is 9 kilometers away from the playground. Then it can only be hiked. The ancient road is a historical remnant. It takes 4 or 5 kilometers to the top of the Zhongnan Mountain and there are many attractions along the way. Among them, the meadow and the azalea forest are the essence. [The scenery]

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Phoenix Town
Phoenix TownShangluo,China

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Niubeiliang National Forest Park
Niubeiliang National Forest ParkShangluo,China

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Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic Area
Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic AreaShangluo,China

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Muwang National Forest Park
Muwang National Forest ParkShangluo,China

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Tianzhushan National Forest Park
Tianzhushan National Forest ParkShangluo,China

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Shangluo Travel Tips

About Shangluo

Shangluo City is located in southeast Shaanxi Province among the Qinling Mountains and is named for the Shang Mountain and Luo River within its borders. Historically, the Shangluo Road was one of the primary arteries of the third century BCE Qin royal road network. As the “Qin-Chu Throat,” it was a critical passageway between the capital Chang'an (today's Xi'an) and all the lands of the southeast and the Central Plain. Famous historical sites in Shangluo include the Jinsixia (“Gold Thread Gorge” or Jinsi Grand Canyon) National Park in Shangnan, the Niubeiliang “Cow’s Back Ridge” National Forest Park, Zhashui Cave, the Erlang Temple, the Fengyang Pagoda, Dayun Temple, Tianzhu Mountain, and the “Moon Cave.”

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