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Things To Do in Shaoguan

4,865 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
_We***24it's a beautiful place, but it's very busy and the noise pollution is severe. I found it difficult to enjoy the environment because of all the noisy people, boats and loudspeakers. 4 stars is very generous
1,525 Reviews
鸡翅lorYunmen Mountain Scenic Area, located near Yunmen Temple, is a new scenic area developed in recent years, but as a Shaoguan people or the first time, by the way to feel the scenic area is not fun. Transportation: It is convenient to drive here by yourself, the road is good, whether it is convenient to take Leguang Expressway or Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway. The parking lot of the scenic spot is quite big and there are quite a lot of parking spaces, but there are not many tourists. You can rest assured that the tickets for the parking lot are not included in anything if you only buy the tickets for the scenic spot. You can walk by your feet all the time and pay for the tickets for the items at your own expense. Recommended to buy: Tickets + one-way cableway + cloud view (glass bridge), and buy a separate elevator ticket to sit down on the mountain. Because there are many self-funded projects in the scenic spot, so the places that should be replenished with tickets have QR code. If you want to play, you can pay for the special experience: the special items of the scenic spot, mobile games at the foot of the mountain, aquarium, zoo, these are necessary to buy additional tickets. After the mountain is the glass bridge, the elevator of the cloud on the waterfall, the sky mirror, and the newly developed high-altitude bicycle, walking breathtaking, high-altitude swing tips: Tour advice: one-way cableway up the mountain, the sky mirror punches in the after the mountain, and then walk for a few minutes to the glass bridge. The glass bridge is one-way and can not go back. After the past can see their own situation plus money play the swing and step by step panic. After that, you can sit down on the elevator and hike down halfway up the mountain. If you can catch the performance of the Guojia, you can watch it and then go to the restaurant: there are 2 restaurants at the foot of the mountain that can eat powder, the price will be more expensive than outside, but the one opposite the peacock park will be cheaper. There is only one place to play in the alcove above the ropeway station: about 4 hours is enough
1,429 Reviews
M22***83Beautiful canyon but very tired, from the first line of the sky down to the bottom of the valley, very beautiful along the way, thought "through the ladder" is the elevator! Who knows it is the stairs! Stairs! Stairs! And no ropeway, can only climb up!!!! I climbed for 1 hour to go up!!!! How happy you are, how sour you are!
692 Reviews
_We***82It is very rare to find that in the economically developed Guangdong, there is such a strange landscape natural scenery, can experience bamboo raft rafting, appreciate the canyon scenery; Huge Xianmen Wonders, the canyon bridge, is a rare and natural wonder, peak Taoist view, as Nanwudang, watch Xianmen; give me a day, enjoy nature; low tickets, quiet, worth to come often!
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真诚7577Danxia on the water is a boat to visit the Danxia landform on the water beside Yuanyang Stone Scenic Area, which is similar to a small port. But I think if I can climb the two scenic spots, I have basically read the Danxia line on the water, but the scenery you see by the boat may be different from what you see when you climb the mountain.
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优雅完美生活Good transportation. There are many pools to take a bath in. There are also a bath pool with Chinese medicine. In general, the water in the bath is still ok. The only disadvantage is that the dressing room has no central air conditioning.

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Shaoguan Xinfeng Yuntianhai Hot Spring ResortShaoguan,China

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About Shaoguan

The renowned historical and cultural city of Shaoguan (韶关) lies in northern Guangdong. The fact that the Shixia (石峡) culture thrived here during the Neolithic period proves that the people of this region were already an advanced civilization by that time. Surrounded by mountains, Shaoguan was a strategic military location. The mountainous terrain also makes for some beautiful natural scenery here. In addition, Shaoguan is inhabited by a concentration of minority peoples. The result is an area with highly diverse attractions. Danxia (丹霞) Mountain, a national scenic area; Nanhua (南华) Temple, the birthplace of Nanzong Zen; and the site of the discovery of the “Maba Man” are among the local sights.

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