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Maozi Peak Forest Farm

Maozi Peak Forest Farm

4/5787 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Nanxiong Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"It's going to take half an hour to walk into the Hat Peak Scenic Area. It's raining when we went, it's even worse to go, it was very wolfy before entering the park, thinking that this time it will be destroyed by the rain. The result is that after getting on the sightseeing bus and entering, it stopped the rain, there is sunshine behind it, the weather is beautiful, too lucky, and not too many people, but also a lot of them, It may be super multi-person in two weeks. Tickets and sightseeing cars are all bought by Remember to take a map when you arrive at the door. It is recommended to buy a sightseeing ticket as well. The distance from the door to the attraction is really not short. You choose to walk is too waste of time. The size of Fangping is yellow, some of them have fallen leaves! Xiaofangping is very suitable for taking pictures, because the trees are short, but there is no one in Dafangping. I think taking pictures will be very good. It's a sightseeing car that you don't say that you can't stop getting off. Golden Avenue of ginkgo or green, yellow only a few, long golden Avenue behind the deer perch garden, walked a kilometer to see no plum deer, and in the fence can not see, there are small squirrels, I did not look. There are many attractions in the actual map, but it has taken nearly five hours to stop for photos and view on Xiaofangping and Golden Avenue. Don't expect too much to eat in the scenic spot, I think it's good tofu flowers. Golden Avenue is only yellow in late November, but at that time Xiaofangping should be much dry."