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Former Residence of Zhao Yidi
When it comes to Zhao Yizhen, very few people know who this person is, but when it comes to Miss Zhao Si, many people know it. Miss Zhao Si is a woman who affects the personal feelings of General Zhang Xueliang, the patriotic general. This woman made a soldier become so tender for her, and once again proved that the hero is saddened by the beauty of this age. Zhao Yizhen is the famous Miss Zhao Si. Listening to the name of Miss Zhao Si, we can understand that Zhao is also a very influential big family, and Zhao Yizhen is ranked fourth, so she is named Zhao Si. Zhao Yizhen is a woman who is full of magical colors in her life. She is not only a talented person, but also a big man in terms of reason. In addition, she has a strong rebellious spirit for her own courage and hatred in the old society. No. Her name is Zhao Xiaxia, because in the year she was born, the year of 1912, the sky of the scorpion appeared in the sky, and she named Zhao Xiaxia. From the day she was born, Miss Zhao Si and the magic color Take the edge. Zhao Yizhen and Zhang Xueliang are true lovers. Although Zhang Xueliang has the original wife Yu Fengzhi, but Zhang Xueliang and Zhao Yizhen have more feelings, so they braved the so-called "ethics" at the time and privately met Miss Zhao Si, and in themselves The house opened up a building, which is the former residence of Zhao Yizhen that we have seen. This building is a golden house for Zhang Xueliang. Ms. Zhao Si is a very learned woman, she is a high-spirited woman. The literary accomplishment makes Zhang Xueliang admire. Zhang Xueliang often meets and lives with Zhao Yizhens residence. Miss Zhao Si is also willing to accompany him for his 72 years of love for his beloved Zhang Xueliang. The two eventually joined together. From here we can see that Zhang Xueliangs private life with such a romantic plot as a soldier really makes people feel very novel, and he continues to bless and admire Zhao Yizhen, a woman full of magical colors. The existing Zhao Yizhens former residence is very large. It is divided into the main part of the living room, the second floor, and the small room where Zhang Xueliang accompanied Zhao Yizhen. During the tour, people will feel that they have crossed the time and space. In the years of life, Zhao Yizhen felt their sweet and happy love life. Some simple tips on Zhao Yizhens former residence are shared as follows. 1, Tickets: The ticket system is the same as the ticket system of Zhang's Shuaifu. The former residence of Zhao Yizhen, Zhang's Shuaifu and Shenyang Financial Museum is 60 yuan, and the online booking price is 50 yuan. When the number of tourists reaches 5 or more, a tour guide will be provided for explanation. 2, opening hours: Because Zhao Yizhens former residence is in Zhangs handsome house, the opening hours are synchronized with Zhangs handsome house. The winter and summer orders are adopted. However, the opening hours of Zhao Yizhens former residence are not exactly the same as those of Zhangs Shuaifu. From May 1st to October 15th, the opening hours are 8:30-17:00,16
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