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Nanfeng Theater
Like the previous Shengjing Moulin Rouge, the Nanfeng Grand Theatre is also a very professional venue for cultural performances, as well as a more influential evening performance venue in the entire city of Shenyang. The size of the Grand Theatre is much larger than that of Shengjing Moulin Rouge. Due to the large venue and the assistance of state-owned assets, some related facilities are also very complete and perfect. If you look at the scenes and layout inside the theater, it is a standard, professional, large-scale literary theater. The most famous performance of this theater is also the most core performance program, that is, the performance of the South Wind Theatre Shaman. The style of the performance adopted a humorous and humorous style, and the way the actors on the stage interacted with the audience under the audience made the whole two-person performance very lively. Different from the two people who saw it before, the two people here have perfectly integrated the traditional Chinese drama culture and local culture, which makes people feel more like a kind of excellent traditional literature and art. It feels very good. I really like the style and style of this performance. In addition to this, there are some amazing performances such as amazing acrobatic performances. Although some of the pieces in the performance are simple and popular, and even give people a feeling that many of them are routines or the design of normal thinking, but they all show the soul of some programs, that is, to express human nature through performances. Improvement and return to nature, patriotic sentiment is an indispensable spiritual food for the entire country, and many other educational significance things are presented to the public again through stage art. Therefore, such a performance is quite successful and a very wonderful performance. It is worthwhile for us to visit some foreign tourists. The Southwind Grand Theatre is not only a strong cast, but also a lively and healthy show. There are also very magnificent stage and other advanced hardware facilities, so that the performance here will soon become a well-known performance venue in Shencheng, especially the performance of Shamens two-person show is more famous in Shenyang City, and it has become a part of Shencheng. Beautiful scenery. The two dreams of the Nanfeng Grand Theatre turned into the first place in Shenyang to appreciate the two-person turn. It is also the most famous and popular place for the Shenyang duo to perform. For some useful information about Shenyang Nanfeng Grand Theatre, I would like to help you. 1, about the ticket price: performance tickets are divided into three types, one is the ordinary seat ticket price is 60 yuan, the online price is 30 yuan. One is a comfortable seat for the guest ticket sales of 180 yuan, the online price is 80 yuan. The last one is the ticket for the VIP seat. The price is 220 yuan and the online price is 120 yuan. Visitors can choose the type of ticket according to their needs. 2, the opening hours of the theater: Shenyang Nanfeng Grand Theatre's performance opening time is normal 19
Steven Zhang
Zhongjie Commercial Circle
Shenyang Zhongjie can also take a sense of Hong Kong style - 0 yuan street shooting guide - For most people, everyone to Shenyang Street is a food! For me, Zhongjie is the first street in the northeast. It is especially suitable for the street shooter secrets that come into the world. It is like the top and bottom of the year in Guangzhou. - Extend a leg to create a long leg effect, then you must have a front and back angle, so that the leg line expression Natural has a skill, that is, when you look back at random, let the other person take the scene, it is definitely a perfect street beat! Remember the expression must be natural and casual duck!! Hey!! Hey!! pose how to put 1 against the wall or rely on the tree! Remember not to lean on all the way, the limbs naturally hang down or the arms crossed 2 stride! Remember to let the small partners shoot continuously to create a street-shooting feeling / inadvertently walked 3 bag is a big love of European and American stars, street shooting entry version! 4 Drink coffee milk tea, take it and smile in your hand. You are the sweetest girl on the road. - The best in the late stage With the picture /Super recommended the following software Jigsaw super easy to use VSCO Late color, cool color butter camera best use of text software, a treasure can Buy a member to unlock all usage tips SnapseedAdvanced adjustment of the entire picture screen - wear matching small suit plaid jacket purchased in Korea shop white boots A treasure small fragrance shirt dress purchase in a treasure - Shenyang Middle Street Liaoning Province, Shenyang City the earliest commercial street the most prosperous business district Northeast First Street
No matter how many places I have traveled, my favorite thing is Chinese food. Chinese food is taste, mood and culture. The full-scale Chinese restaurant on the fourth floor of Shenyang Conrad Hotel, from decoration design to cultural charm; from food creation to color taste, I like it. "Full Hall" means full and beautiful. Walking into the full hall is like walking into the deep house compound of the old aristocratic family, pavilions, lanterns, glazed tiles, hieroglyphics, and the courtyard of Chinese culture is deeply written in one step. The glass on both sides of the hollow corridor is a bamboo forest that seems to be deep, and the meaning of deep culture in the abstract; the head and face books of Peking Opera are placed on the stage, and the back wall of the restaurant uses broken porcelain of different colors. The abstraction of the Facebook pattern, as well as the bookshelves on both sides of the table, are works of art or books that the owners have scoured from China or around the world. Full House is mainly based on Sichuan cuisine and Northeastern cuisine. This time I ordered a few dishes: Northeastern cuisine: pot of black pork, Qingyuan chicken abalone stewed mushrooms, silky sweet potato yam, and the last northeastern glutinous rice. The presentations are all small and exquisite, which makes people feel the aftertaste; the dishes in the hall break my notion that the weight of the northeastern dishes is not heavy, and they can be so "on the hall" after they have been carefully carved.
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