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Shenyang Secrets Little Rome | The first century-old church attached to the photo Tips

came to Shenyang, friends recommended to come to this church to have a look! This building was built in 1878, but it was destroyed in the war in 1912. It was rebuilt twice on the original site using the Xin Chou Treaty!
The 141-year-old Catholic Church shoulders the mission of faith and witnessed the rise and fall of the transition from Shengjing to Shenyang.

Enter Xiaonan Catholic Church
No. 40, Nanlejiao Road, Xiaonan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China / Metro Line 1 Huaiyuanmen Subway B, 797 m
Posted: 11 Oct, 2019
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Fuling Tomb
Shengjing, now Shenyang, has Sanling, a world cultural heritage. Sanling refers to the Fuling of the Taizu Nurhachi, the Zhaoling of the Taiji Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty; the Hetuahah in Manchuria (meaning "Henggang" in Manchu), and also the burial of the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty, Xing, Jing, Xian Yongling of the Four ancestors. In terms of architectural style, Shengjing Sanling has a profound influence on the construction of the Qing Dynasty's various tombs after entering the customs. Qing Fuling is located in Dongling Park in the eastern suburbs of Shenyang. It is the tomb of Nurhachi of Qing Taizu. It is also known as Dongling because it is located in the eastern suburbs of Shenyang. If you take a taxi in Shenyang, what other people ask directly is whether you want to go to Dongling or Beiling. You can say Dongling. Others of Nurhachis Houyi Yeh Nara, Borzigit and others were buried here. The place is slightly biased. It is recommended to take a taxi. There are not many people. You can enjoy it slowly. You can even bring some snacks to feed the big squirrels here. Tickets are 32 yuan. The shape of the outer city is Guo, which consists of the front yard, Fangcheng and Baocheng. It gradually rises from the south to the north. This is different from the mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty and the mausoleum built after the Qing Dynasty. The most special is the "one hundred and eight", which is built on the topography, symbolizing the thirty-six days and the seventy-two mantles. It is an important symbol of Fuling. Walking up, older people still have to work hard. In the autumn, the road that needs to climb is very beautiful, and it is colorful and colorful. There is no place to visit here, you can walk around the city. Baocheng has a raised treasure in the middle, and the underground is the emperor's underground palace. Plant a eucalyptus tree. It is quiet and solemn, and it is quite beautiful.
Tiger is known for its ferocity. In ancient times, ordinary people encountered tigers who were basically dead, and there were few brave people like Wu Song. Traveling to Shenyang, the most convenient place to go is the Chaopo Tiger Garden, where there are about 100 world-end animals - the Northeast Tiger. Entering the core scenic area to take the safety factor is the thrilling bus, which is the most exciting viewing bus in the scenic spot. Both sides of the bus are exposed to the barbed wire, and the life pattern of the tiger can be clearly seen through the gap between the wire mesh. Arrived in the stocking area, the speed of the bus began to slow down until it was completely stopped. Through the railing, I really realized what it was like, and the staff would always remind you not to extend any part of the body out of the safety line. As a large cat, the Siberian tiger is like a super fat man in the tiger world, but don't look at it's body fat and smell the flesh. The speed of its flying can be described by lightning. After seeing the ferocious tiger scorpion on the iron net less than 50 cm from the set safe zone, one car person took a breath of air. The bus continues to travel slowly deep into the free-range area. The next appreciating project is a show of livelihoods showing the wildness of the Amur tiger. It is a performance, but it is only relative to tourists. In the world of the Northeast Tigers, all of this is a real version of the weak meat, a personal performance that shows the arrogant hand.
Do not think that there is heavy snow here. This is on the plane. Starting from Xiamen, after stopping in Nanjing, I ate three meals on the plane. Normally it was two meals. It was three meals, maybe it was a flight attendant. I am handsome, then I sent a copy to me, haha. finally arrived in Shenyang in the afternoon, just got off the plane and a cold cover, a word cool! Take the bus to the hotel, at this time the sun sets. Many people think that this is heavy industry pollution, but it is not. This is the unique heating system in the north, because it is not cold in these houses. The hotels staying in Shenyang for the past few days are all the same hotel. Shihai ZherenBeauty Hotel is located in Taiyuan Street, the most prosperous business district in downtown Shenyang. The Chinese-style decoration furniture also looks very good. The room is quite big, there is a small balcony, but people can't walk in. You can make a few friends to make tea on it. It is good to chat. The sound insulation of the hotel is not very good. Later, I can still hear the voice of someone talking. Chinese style hotel, the bathroom and the bathroom are very large, there is no bath towels, facilities are readily available. [Travel Tips] [Address]: Shenyang Heping District No. 59, Zhongshan Road, Langqin Taiyuan Center, near Tianjin North Street. The plane that flew for a day is also hungry. Come to the Baifuyuan Restaurant. You cant miss the Northeastern cuisine in Shenyang. Recommended: casserole, round, pot, foie gras, dried pot, dish, Dalian Yellow croaker...
Zhang Shuaifu, also known as "Grandma Mansion" or "Little Shuaifu", located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is the official residence and private residence of Zhang Zuolin and his eldest son, the great patriot Zhang Xueliang. There are Da, Xiaoqinglou, Xiyuan Red House Group and Miss Zhao Silou. It is the best preserved celebrity residence in the Northeast. Zhang's Shuaifu is a huge complex consisting of four parts: the East Courtyard, the Intermediate Court, the West Courtyard and the Out-of-Street Building. It consists of a traditional Chinese style courtyard house and a waterfront pavilion. The garden has European-style Daqinglou, Border Industry Bank, Honglou Group, and the Chinese-Western Xiaoqinglou and Miss Zhaosilou. Daqinglou is the landmark building of Zhang's Shuaifu. It is a Roman-like building near Shengjing Road in Shenyang. Because it is built of blue brick, it is called Daqinglou. It is one of the highest points of the popular four Fengtiancheng. The whole building is magnificent, the exterior three-dimensional relief sculpture is vivid and exquisite, and the interior interior of the main room has unique stroke decoration skills and high artistic value. Daqinglou is a classic of the Northeast architecture during the Republic of China. Daqinglou integrates office and residence as an important office space for the two generations of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang. Xiaoqinglou is located in the east courtyard of Zhang's Shuaifu. Because it is located in the center of Shuaifu Garden, it also has the reputation of flower garden in the garden. It is a combination of Chinese and Western styles. The second-floor brick and wood structure is made up of blue brick and blue tiles, commonly known as Xiaoqinglou. It was built by Zhang Zuolin for his favorite five-year-old Shou.
Workers Village Exhibition Center
Shenyang Workers Village Life Museum is located at No. 2, Zangong Street, Tiexi District. It consists of seven workers' dormitory buildings built in the 1950s. It consists of a courtyard, the former residence of the Workers Village, and the Tiexi Hall. Lamor Activity Center and Art Museum. Among them, the Worker's Village Living Hall is developed according to the age. In the dormitory building, through the physical, pictures and textual descriptions of the year, the old and the third quarters of the workers village were restored. The living and living scenes retain the collective memory of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc., which is impressive and memorable. The old site of the Workers Village Dormitory is all three-story Su-style buildings with ridges and red bricks. Entering the first floor of the exhibition hall with the Workers' Living Hall brand, a The public corridors that run through the north and south divide the rooms in the building into two parts, the former residence of the workers, which has now been transformed into one exhibition hall after another. The rooms are not large, so the guide hall of the exhibition hall takes up four rooms. The Workers' Village Life Museum is only partially donated by the original residents. The old workers have a deep feeling for the museum. In the exhibition hall, there are people who have been helped to visit and see the old people who used to sneak their tears. It was earlier when I visited the Workers' Village. I played games with the boys around. The winter was cold, and the activities would not be. [Travel Tips] [Address]: No. 2, Zangong Street (near Oriental Art Museum) [Tickets]: Free
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