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Stockmann Riga

Stockmann Riga

5/52 Reviews
Open today at 9:00-22:00 (Local time)
"It belongs to Riga's most expensive shopping mall, probably, there are brands in it. Because Riga does not have those big luxury brands. The feature found this year is that a small brand of Alipay has been added to the counter, but it is not easy to use. Bought a hat, the cashier said, do you want to use Alipay? Then wait a moment. Then receive the next customer. After that, I was still patient and said, I found a colleague to come. After a while, no one came, and told me, otherwise don't use it? Then it didn't work. Then I went to another floor to shop, and the cashier I met was also obsessed. I asked her if Alipay could be, which was best. If not, I swiped my card. She said, come, challenge it. The phone was picked up, a person was called, a pad was taken, and the picture was taken step by step. Another person came, another person came, and finally three people, each holding a pad, discussing together, finally received the payment successfully, 15 minutes, the wisdom of three people. The scene was excited and I could not wait to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I didn't compare the official price with the exchange rate discount of the flower. But when I got out of the customs tax refund, I made sure the exchange rate was extremely unfriendly. After reviewing all the documents at that time, the teller asked, choose Alipay or WeChat tax refund, I chose Alipay without thinking about it, about 3 minutes, Alipay APP notified that there was a tax refund to the account, roughly calculated, 1:7.2, the exchange rate for those days was hovering around 7.8. So, Alipay tax refund is very convenient, but the exchange rate of the tax refund is not friendly. I don't know who received this difference from the middle, the tax refund company Blue Earth, or Alipay?"