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About Shuyang

Shuyang County, abbreviated as Shu, is so named for being located on the yang (north) bank of the Shu River. The county is in the transitional area between the hills of south Shandong and the Jianghuai Plain. Shuyang has many historic and cultural sites. There are the Neolithic archaeological sites of Wanbei and Zangdun and tombs from the Six Dynasties (222-589). There are the Western Zhou-era (c. 1046-771 BCE) sites of Mengdun and Yindun; the Western Han (202 BCE-8 CE) sites of Houqiu and Yinpingfang City; the irrigation projects left behind by great Song polymath Shen Kuo (1031-1095); and a series of attractions associated with the birthplace of legendary Consort Yu (the eponymous concubine of the Peking Opera Farewell My Concubine): Yu Ji Channel, Yu Ji Temple, Jiulongkou (“Nine Dragon Confluence” - where nine rivers flow together), and Bawang Bridge. There is also the barracks of the Ming general Liu Tingzhu, who fought against the Japanese, a Chinese wisteria planted by Qing-era poet Yuan Mei (1716-1797), and the elegant and ancient Xiaoyaoting.

Popular Attractions in Shuyang

Yuji Park
86 Reviews
City Park
Yuji Park is located on Park Road, in the northern part of urban Shuyang County, in Suqian City. It is a county-level historical park in Shuyang County. It is named after the famous historic figure Yuji who previously lived here, and is a natural scenic tourist area. The statue of revolutionary martyr Wu Yusheng, the Shusuhai Kangri Middle School Memorial Tower, the Huaihai Middle School Monument Pavilion and other scenic spots in the Yuji Park form a series of traditional revolutionary educational attractions. With the approval of the county party committee and the county government, Yuji Park became a county-level youth patriotic education base. This is an important place for young people to remember history, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, embrace the patriotic revolutionary tradition, stimulate the enthusiasm for learning, and establish lofty ideals for the next generation.
Guandun Mountain Ski Resort
7 Reviews
Guandun Mountain Ski Resort is the only snow resort in southern Jiangsu Province with a northward snowfield along the mountain. Located in the Peach Blossom Mountain Forest, there are beginner tracks of 6,000 square meters and the children's area of 2,000 square meters and the panoramic glass sightseeing and snow tool hall of 800 square meters. It has diverse Austria-imported snow-making machines and internationally-advanced skiing equipment such as magic carpets.
Santaishan National Forest Park
499 Reviews
City Park
Santaishan National Forest Park is a large park surrounded by mountains and lush green forest. It is a popular weekend destination for families. The park's most popular attraction is Jinghu Lake, which has crystal-clear blue water and is surrounded by picturesque scenery. The park is particularly beautiful in spring when all kinds of flowers come into bloom. Camping is popular here during the summer.
Maling Mountain Scenic Area
219 Reviews
Geological Sites
The Maling Mountain Scenic Area is composed of five mountains, including Fengshan and Hushan. The locals name it "Five Sisters Mountain". Among the mountains, the peak of Mount Wuhua is the main peak, and the scenery is amazing. It is named Jianghuai. Maling Mountain is a Danxia landform with reddish mountains and numerous caves. It contains large bamboo forests, hills and lakes, and beautiful scenery. It is ideal for weekend leisure and mountain climbing.

Shuyang Weather

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