Posted: 16 Dec, 2015
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If you want to experience unforgettable moments in Spain, I recommend going to Valencia. Valencia is a city with a population of about 800 000 situated on the southeastern coast of Spain, about 150 km north from Alicante. It’s famous for its port as well as a city of arts and sciences - not forgetting futuristic buildings and structures. The city has a long history dating back to the Roman Empire, about year 138 BC. I personally felt very comfortable in Valencia. The city is not filled with masses of tourists as many other cities in Spain often are. That means that the original nature of the city and Spain too can be seen and felt even better. The vivid old city is filled with incredible and beautiful little buildings, shops and restaurants. In the more modern part of the city buildings are bigger and generally very good looking. The science museum in the southeastern end of the park that traverses the whole center of the city is an example of a very modern and futuristic style. So you can easily find something to every taste. There are nearly endless opportunities for shopping in the center and the old city with numerous great restaurants is only a short distance away. Actually there’s also a nice beach at the Mediterranean coast, so even beach life is possible there. It’s a little further away than walking distance from the center but very easily accessible using taxi, rental car or even public transportation. I will surely go again one day. It’s definitely one of the cities where I could consider living too.
Alcazaba fortress was already built back in the early 11th century by Hammumid Dynasty during the times when Andalucia was under Arab control. Inside the fortress, the visitor can experience breathtaking views from many places. The fortress itself and the sea seen from the hill (the fortress was built on a fairly steep hill) is just amazing. The regionally important citrus trees are also present and the colorful fruits can be seen during the autumn. As moving in the fortress area is quite hard due to the steep hill, selecting a fairly cool day to visit the place can be a good idea. There are some ticket packages available that grant access to all the historical buildings in the area. Seeing all of them needs one day or even more so don’t try to push yourself too hard. I personally enjoyed that there is a new beautiful view waiting behind almost every corner. The different parts of the area are somewhat varying in terms of style and condition so it’s worth going everywhere. Some snacks and drinks can be bought inside the area but the availability of services is fairly limited. Remember to have your drinking water with you! The fortress is situated in the heart of the old city of Malaga in Andalucia, Spain. it can be seen from the harbor and easily accessed from the shopping streets in the center. Actually the location is so central, that it’s fairly hard to miss the place. I really recommend going to Malaga. The history can be seen and felt there so it’s among my favorite places in the south coast of Spain. It’s also worth mentioning that the queues are much shorter than in Granada. #malaga #spain #costadelsol #alcazaba #fortress
Port Vell
Barcelona - Port Vell #travelinspiration#deliciousfood#springblossoms#roadtrip#urbanexplorer#awesomepic#couplestrip