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Sanshan Island
Sanshan Island in Taihu Lake, hence the name Penglai, was called Xiao Penglai in the Ming Dynasty, so it has the reputation of Taihu Small Penglai. Also known as Beacon Hill and Jingui Mountain, it is located in the Taihu Lake, which is more than 50 kilometers southwest of Suzhou City. It is about seven kilometers away from the Dongshan Lugang Terminal on the lakeside. Sanshan Island is named after the connection of the three peaks of an island. Taihu Sanshan Island has a unique natural geographical environment, mild climate, four distinct seasons, winter is not too cool, summer is not too hot, Cangshan clear water, beautiful scenery. The four seasons of Sanshan Island in Taihu Lake are full of flowers and fruits. In addition to the "Dongting Red" orange, the famous "Mayan Jujube" is rare in the country. It is a large two-inch, sweet and refreshing. There are still 692 ancient jujube trees over 100 years old. . The old ten scenes on the mountain. The existing ones have Guting, which is passed as a dressing table; the slab peak is called the mountain. The stone is steep and steep, just like a natural water stone bonsai; stacked stone, stone to win, passed the Wuwang love woman's other official; 12 Zodiac stone, stone to Taihu, exquisitely embedded, like the animal of the zodiac Shape; the rest still have incense burner stone, cattle back rock and so on. The island has cultivated bonsai. It can be called Shui Bishan Cui Xiao Penglai. There are also Paleolithic sites and mammalian fossil remains known as the Sanshan Culture dating back more than 10,000 years.
Pingjiang Road
Pingjiang Road starts from Ganjiang East Road in the south, and Baita East Road in North Vietnam and Northeast Street meet. In 1834, "Wumen Table Hide" records that "Pingjiang Road has an ancient name in Shiquanli, there are ten ancient wells, Huayang Bridge South One, Yanjiaqiao Nanyi, Yuanqiao North one, so it is called "Tenquanli". This road is more than 1,600 meters long and is narrow and narrow with its vertical streets. The famous alleys include Zisi Lane, Chuanfang Lane, Donghuaqiao Lane, Cao Huxu Lane, Daxinqiao Lane and Zhongzhangjia. Lane, Daru Lane, etc. has always liked "The City of the Sky of the Cat", and is not willing to use the word "literary art" to describe its preciousness. "Literature" seems to use rotten "pseudo-good", only Empty shelves, no solid foundation. I prefer to call it "the place where the pace is slowed down." Every time I go to a city, I will always look for it subconsciously, deliberately slow down, and draw emotions that match the scenery. The overall color of the store is mainly warm, bright and bright, warm and elegant. The dark brown grille is constantly separated and has a traditional Chinese charm. Warming a cup of warm coffee, the book is lingering around the whole room, and the tiredness and tiredness of one body disappear instantly. The age is too long, the memories are too short, and every minute of the Pingjiang Road is hidden in the postcard. In the days after the return trip, these small objects are habitually chewed repeatedly, as if the warmth of Pingjiang Road still lingers. Beside the ear. There are songs, there are songs, there are jasmine flowers, and I am waiting at Pingjiang Road.
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