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Things To Do in Tahe

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Botanical Garden
滇国剑客In the Qixiashan Botanical Garden, because of the addition of technology and artificial intelligence, the local spatial environment has been changed, resulting in the presence of all kinds of strange plant species in the botanical garden, which attracted the admiration of visitors.
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M57***70From the original fishing and hunting methods, the Oroqen people gradually moved from the government to build houses and settle down in 2013, and build new villas in 2013. After hunting and guns were banned, the Oroqen people changed to planting. Now they develop sideline businesses such as greenhouses and ground cultivation of fungus. The lifestyle has taken place. Has changed dramatically.
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Historical Site
乔家大婷Long winter and short summer, a summer resort. The ecological environment is very good, the natural oxygen bar, the food can be picked from the local vegetable garden, which is green, organic and pollution-free. The local residents are very real, and it is estimated that they can find a small vegetable garden with long-term supply!
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E45***85Expect to climb some stairs - a lot of them! But once you get to the top, you'll see some wonderful views. Your transportation will take you to a certain point and, from there, you have to take a special designated bus to go here and to China's northernmost point (110 RMB to go to both).
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素鳶Mohebei Red Village, the northernmost end of China in real sense, the coordinates are slightly norther than the Arctic Village! It takes four or five hours to drive to the North Pole Village, and only three hours to take the Heilongjiang Airlines! A stone tablet on the northernmost border of China and Russia is directly above. Congratulations, find the north. . . Not far behind is the main channel of Heilongjiang, that is, the Sino-Russian border. Chinese soldiers patrolling the border: China and Russia handle illegal entry, China at most is repatriation, Russia's praise: across the border to grab, catch, sentence, run, shoot, resistance directly kill I just dare to stretch out one foot across the border ... Finally the view from the sun setting and I don't know if it was caused by the light or halo reflected from the snow
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Nature Reserve
张老师The central part of the Daxingan Mountains in the Huzhong Nature Reserve has a distinct continental climate, which is the southern edge of the permafrost in Eurasia. The vegetation is cold-temperate coniferous forest, which is the only cold-temperate coniferous forest in China that is relatively well preserved. The main tree species are Larix sylvestris and Pinus sylvestris. The biological resources in the area are relatively rich. There are 9 species of national key protected plants including crowberry, and 10 species of national key protected animals including mink bear, original musk deer, and otter. There are also some unique cold-water fishes. This area can be used as a base for studying vegetation communities in permafrost and various swamps in high latitudes.

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Shibazhan Relic SiteDaxing'anling,China

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Qixiashan Botanical GardenDaxing'anling,China

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Elunchun Ethnic CountryDaxing'anling,China

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