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About Taiwan

Taiwan is a great place to travel. There are dozens of outlying islands to explore including Green Island, Orchid Island, or the Penghu Islands. Taipei, the capital and largest city, offers great shopping and dining experiences. Hualien and Taitung are renowned for their beautiful coastlines. Kenting in the south has earned the reputation as the “Asian Hawaii.” Sun Moon Lake in the central mountain range boasts some of the most gorgeous bicycling in the world, while Qingjing Farm shows off Taiwan’s alpine pasturelands. A wealth of food and entertainment exists all throughout Taiwan including delicious snacks and wonderful music festivals.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Taiwan

Taipei 101
4,915 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Observation Deck
The Taipei 101 Building, which integrates offices, an observation deck, and a shopping mall, is a landmark in Taipei and one of the must-see in Taipei. Every year, the New Year’s Eve party in Taipei is centered on the fireworks show of Taipei 101. The New Year's fireworks and the surrounding New Year's activities attract hundreds of thousands of people every year, making it a world famous New Year's event.
Taipei Palace Museum
7,637 Reviews
The National Palace Museum in Taipei is a must-see museum in Taiwan. It houses a collection of Chinese cultural relics, such as bronzes, paintings, ceramics, books, and handicrafts. It covers almost 5,000 years of Chinese history and is known as “the treasure house of Chinese culture”. The gift shop in the National Palace Museum in Taipei is also very popular where you can buy souvenirs.
3,613 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Ximending is known as the “Harajuku” in Taipei and is a paradise for the “Japanophiles” in Taipei. Ximending is Taipei's first pedestrian commercial street that sells various popular Japanese books, records, and costumes. It has become a representative of a youth subculture and a place for international tourists to visit. Ximending is also a famous movie street that is a good place for watching major movie premiers. Almost every weekend, there are small concerts, autograph signing events, albums release events, as well as various movie promotions and street performances.
Sun Moon Lake
1,462 Reviews
The Sun Moon Lake has a wide surface, and the peaks reflected on the lake form a beautiful landscape. There is a small island in the lake. It looks similar to a bead floating on the water, so it is called "Zhuzi Yu". Now it is also called Lalu Island. With this island as the boundary, the northern part of the lake is round like the sun, and the southern part of the lake is similar to a crescent. This is the reason for the name of Sun Moon Lake.


Where to Experience Chinese New Year
Hong Kong
Towards the end of January, a palpable excitement takes hold in places like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are a time of great joy and precipitate the world’s largest annual human migration. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people leave major cities to return home to smaller villages or provincial towns. The journey is joyous as people fill all manner of transport, eager to return home to see parents and children. Lunar New Year is central to Chinese cultural life, yet what are the holiday’s major characteristics? Where can you go to experience the festivities for yourself? This short primer will provide some answers to these questions and should, by the end, have you anxiously awaiting your own Red Packet!
Dannyboi   13 May, 2019
Taiwan's Most Famous Food You Cannot Miss
Seasoned travelers know the best part of going somewhere new is the food. What better way to bond across time and culture than over a plate of delicious local cuisine?Few things bring people together like an elegant meal. Often the biggest challenge in expanding our horizons is not knowing where to start or what to try. Here is a quick guide on some foods you definitely want to sample on your next trip to Taiwan.
Dannyboi   29 Apr, 2019

Trip Moments

Most people go to Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan because it is very beautiful. Going to Sun Moon Lake is also indispensable for the boating (speedboat) water, but what I care most about is the big meal at the Sun Moon Lake Palace. The reason why it is called the palace is that its origin is from Mr Jiang because the water is also the place to pay attention to the landscape. On the top floor of the palace, while enjoying the freehand dishes, and enjoying the scenic view from the window, it does not feel that important to fill the stomach. It is not too late to get some food.
Posted: 10 Mar, 2019
Hualien is located in the eastern part of Taiwan, between the Central Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. Taiwanese like to say that Hualien has "good mountains and clean water", and every Hualien person is sincerely proud of this place. When I first arrived in Hualien, the air was as usual. Fresh, there is no special feeling, go to the car dealer to rent a suitable locomotive. I don't really have much understanding of Hualien, I just want to see the clear water cliffs, and I want to see if this is heavenly. We got on the road, the first day on the east Rift Valley. Went to Yunshan Water, Mata Saddle Wetland, two Tropic of Cancer Monument, Shitiping. Because of the estimated time zone, but also took a long time turning the mountain road at night even more terrible that I have not found a gas station all the way. I only found a gas station when it was almost empty. It is estimated that I will start driving for another few kilometers. I will start pushing the car and go to the Cliffs, and also detour to Ji'an Qingxiu. Two days in Hualien were beautiful, the good mountain views and clear water.
Posted: 25 Dec, 2018
Take the bus to the Pingtung City Passenger Transfer Station, then take the bus for half an hour, and the master will pick it up and take the small plane. I saw that the plane had a window door that was not convenient for taking pictures, and I mentioned it to the master. The master unloaded the window door without saying anything. I took the plane and gave me a check on the seat belt. A few laps of hot air on the runway, and then began to tell me a variety of light machine knowledge and what various signs represent and the simple operation of the aircraft, with the take-off of the take-off rod, the entire take-off is stable and uncomfortable bumpy, 30 Minutes of experience time, the master took me to fly over the mountains and rivers, across the river, over the fields, hovering over the village, all the way steady and the master talking and patted the scenery and patted the self-timer. Although I only experienced 30 minutes, but the master directly took me over 40 minutes, and I think that the master is so cute when compared to some unscrupulous businesses in China. What impressed me even more is that after the smooth landing, there are tourists who come here to experience the flight, but the master insisted that I should send me to the station to pick up the list, except for the inner silence to praise the master, I can only be as far as possible in the travel notes. Propaganda of him, of course, the above are true and no exaggeration, blessing people who are sincere can fly farther.
Posted: 22 Nov, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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