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Things To Do in Taixing

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City Park
滇国剑客The characteristic of Taixing Park lies in its diverse and varied landscape charm. The rocks recorded by geological changes, artificially dotted landscapes, and natural scenery form an organic whole here, attracting many tourists.
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Ancient Settlement
钱旋勒Huangqiao Town, which belongs to Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, is located in the northern bank of the Yangtze River in the central plains of Suzhong, in the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta, known as the "North Sub-Commission, South Jiangshi" water hub, its south is facing the Yangtze River, the East connecting as a puddle, the north is Jiangyan, is an important gateway to the south of Suzhou and Jiangbei. [1] Yanjing Expressway, Xinchang Railway, Provincial Highway 334 and Provincial Highway 229 pass through the border, only 2 hours drive from Nanjing and Shanghai.
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Theme Park
D26***73A wonderful , fun family day out at this theme park in Changzhou
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钱旋勒There are 13,800 Ginkgo biloba planted in China, including 3 Ginkgo biloba in the millennium, 1,600 Ginkgo biloba in the 200 years and 3,800 Ginkgo biloba in the 100 years. The ancient ginkgo tree with its huge canopy and short stems form the unique attitude of Taixing ginkgo, with large trees or surrounded by villages, or distributed in ditches and roadsides, which are natural and interesting, like a canopy, with a variety of scenery in all seasons. The experts and scholars are known as "the wonders of nature, the resorts of leisure".
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JCNit was an amazing experience. its quite a large park to walk around in, with many animals to see and child friendly amusement rides.. we enjoyed the circus show very much as well.
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出发travelIt is a polysemous word, and there are 3 meanings carved in the building. The building is characterized by wood carving and brick carving. There are only three ancient carved buildings in Jiangsu, one in Jinting Town (Xishan), Suzhou, one in Dongshan Town, Suzhou, and another in Gaogang District, Taizhou City. Suzhou Xishan Carved Flower Building is located in the ancient village of Xishan Tangli, Taihu Lake, Suzhou. The original name of Xishan Carved Flower Building is "Renbentang", which means "benevolence-oriented and ritual as teaching foundation". Gaogang Diaohua Building is located on Xiangyang Branch Road in Gaogang District, sitting west to east. It consists of a two-story main building with five front and rear buildings and three wing buildings on the left and right. It is a square building. Suzhou Wuxian Diaohualou is a cultural relic protection unit in Jiangsu Province. It is a folk residence with southern style. It reflects the wisdom and talents of Xiangshan craftsmen in Wu County in woodcarving, brick carving, stone carving, architectural conception, and gardening art. It has a high artistic value.

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Huangqiao Ancient TownTaizhou,China

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Taixing ParkTaizhou,China

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The Yueshuiwan Water ParkTaizhou,China

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Ancient Ginkgo Forest ParkTaizhou,China

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About Taixing

Taixing is situated in central Jiangsu province on the northern banks of the Yangzte River. The city has many well-known industries, including education, ginkgo cultivation, building, violin making and reduction drives. Popular attractions include Xianhe, Baota and Longhe Bay, Qingyunchan Temple, a museum dedicated to the New Fourth Army and the Civil War Battle of Rugao–Huangqiao, and an ancient forest of ginkgo trees.

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