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About Taixing

Taixing is situated in central Jiangsu province on the northern banks of the Yangzte River. The city has many well-known industries, including education, ginkgo cultivation, building, violin making and reduction drives. Popular attractions include Xianhe, Baota and Longhe Bay, Qingyunchan Temple, a museum dedicated to the New Fourth Army and the Civil War Battle of Rugao–Huangqiao, and an ancient forest of ginkgo trees.

Popular Attractions in Taixing

Huangqiao Ancient Town
156 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Located in Huangqiao Town, Taixing City, Taizhou, the Huangqiao Ancient Town was built during the reign of Emperor Shenzong of Song in the Song Dynasty and has a history of 1000 years. Many buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and a few buildings of the Song Dynasty remain intact. There are several ancient streets and lanes, three ancient temples and seven ancestral halls, as well as an abundance of stone inscriptions and wood plaques from the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Huangqiao Ancient Town is also the site where the Huangqiao Battle took place, in which revolutionary martyrs, such as Chen Yi and Su Yu, served as commanders. Many historical sites remain.
Taixing Park
116 Reviews
City Park
Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park
53 Reviews
Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park is located in Xuanbao Town, Taixing City. There are over ten thousand ginkgo trees, among which three are over one thousand years old, and a thousand are over one hundred years old. It is a very rare ancient ginkgo forest. Expansive canopies and short trunks gives Taixing ginkgo trees their unique characteristics. Trees are grown in the villages, next to the creek, or by the roadside. They are like giant umbrellas that offer people shade, providing natural beauty all year round.
Chinese Dinosaur Park
35,440 Reviews
Theme Park
China Dinosaurs Park is a dinosaur-themed integrated amusement park equipped with a variety of thrilling rides and entertaining performances. In the summer, there is a water animation park and a night park. You can try out the Fire Dragon Revelry to experience a high altitude pendulum ride, or board the “Jet Tower” and experience the exhilarating drop. There is also China's only 4D roller coaster that allows you to experience the thrill of speed and flying.

Taixing Tours & Tickets

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Taixing Weather

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Trip Moments

Ginkgo biloba in the late autumn is a beautiful scenery, not to mention it is located in the "first town of Chinese Ginkgo", its four seasons are very distinctive: spring tender branches are green, into the summer shade, the autumn golden fruit Tired, cold winter silver branches proud of the sky. Because Ginkgo has always had deep feelings with Taixing and Taixing people, borrowing a prose poem written by a predecessor of the Taixing press: Anyway, Ginkgo has fallen in love with Taixing and fell in love with Taixing. The Taixing people who have deep roots with Ginkgo are naturally inseparable from Ginkgo biloba, and they also interpret the use of Ginkgo biloba to the extreme: the high-growth ginkgo tree can be used for afforestation, and the low one can be cultivated into a bonsai, and the trunk can be processed into a good one. Engraved or rootstock, leaves can be extracted from flavonoids to make cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, ginkgo fruit (ginkgo) can be used as soup or medicine, even the outer seed coat can also be made into biological pesticides... This season, strolling among them, pleasing to the eye, will make people feel happy . Into the ginkgo, is to enter the "hometown of ginkgo" - Taixing's heart, is to walk into a beautiful landscape. Let us first go into the second of the "Tai Hing's Golden Autumn" - Jiangsu Taixing Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park, look at the beautiful Taixing, look at the beautiful scenery, and the singular ginkgo. He walked through thousands of miles to come here, just to take a look at the most beautiful leaves in the fall of Jiangsu. All memories are fragments of time. I have walked here, will I meet you, light and shadow will shine into my heart, there are countless expectations behind it, and the whole world is quieted by beauty. At this time, the most beautiful time of ginkgo
Posted: 20 Dec, 2018
There are five Ginkgo Townships in China, and Taixing is one of them. Here is the famous Ginkgo Town, the ancient ginkgo, the number of ginkgo plantations, and the production of ginkgo are the highest in the country, enjoying the Ginkgo First City in China. "The reputation of Ginkgo biloba, commonly known as ginkgo, is rich in nutrients and tastes sweet. About the eating of ginkgo is also a variety of, there are salt and pepper ginkgo, ginkgo porridge, ginkgo glutinous rice balls, etc., the fruit value of ginkgo is very high, can benefit the vitality, make up the five internal organs, anti-aging. It is time for us to come, the autumn ginkgo turns yellow, the ginkgo is ripe, there are many local old farmers selling ginkgo at the entrance of the Ginkgo Park in Taixing, 10 yuan a bag, really super cheap and wood! In addition to ginkgo, pumpkin, persimmon has become a hot commodity at the gate of the park, farmers' own things, not expensive to sell, tourists are willing to buy some to take away. This is the Ginkgo King, which has been in existence for thousands of years. Now it will be fruitful every year. It is quite amazing. Since coming, the companions, while buying the ginkgo, naturally do not go to the park to stroll, saying that the ginkgo tree here is quite lush, really not inferior to Tengchong Ginkgo Village. Here is the forest oxygen bar that nature gives to humans. Walk around and enjoy a ginkgo forest bath. In order to provide locals with entertainment and entertainment, there are many entertainment facilities in the park, and children and old people can have fun here.
Posted: 31 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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