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About Taizhou

Taizhou (泰州), in central Jiangsu Province, is a notable Chinese historical and cultural town with a history stretching back more than 2100 years. Innumerable cultural relics can be seen here, including ruins of the Longshan (龙山) Culture dating back more than 4000 years, ancient cultural relics from the late Neolithic period to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and the remains of the old salt-moving canals dug in the early Western Han period. Taizhou is also a city with a glorious tradition of revolutionary struggles.

Popular Attractions in Taizhou

Qin Lake National Wetland Park
3,417 Reviews
Boat Tour
Located in the northeastern outskirts of Taizhou City, the Qin Lake National Wetland Park contains a large lake and is traversed by a river, with reeds and other water plants covering the Park. You can take a walk on the boardwalk or a boat ride along the winding river. You can enjoy the loveliest wetland scenery as the sun sets in the west. In the park you can even see animals like the semi-aquatic Père David's deer (milu) and waterfowl. According to ancient legend, this area is the ancient homeland of the Père David's deer.
Taizhou Old Street
552 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Located outside Taoyuan Scenic Area on the banks of Fengcheng River, Taizhou Old Street is paved with granite built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are quadrangle dwellings, song and dance performances in the lanes and delicious food across the street. Along Taizhou Old Street are ancient buildings made of tiles. Taizhou Old Street is a lively. Under the development of Fengcheng River Administration Committee, it has become a popular commercial area in Taizhou. It is also an intangible cultural heritage area showing typical secular culture and life.
Fengcheng River Scenic Area
263 Reviews
Located in the center of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, Fengcheng River Scenic Area combines nature with culture and attracts visitors from around the world. On the Fengcheng riverside, the Wanghailou Building and its unique opera contribute to the city's great cultural wealth. This scenic area, with the Wanghailou Building at is center, is reminiscent of Taoyuan and its historic old streets. Built in Song Dynasty, innumerable scholars left their precious works in the Wanghailou Building.
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River
511 Reviews
City Park
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River is home to tourist sites such as a square with a sitting statue of Mei Lanfang, a virtuoso perfomer of Peking Opera, an exhibition hall of historical records, a colonnade of Peking Opera, an antique-style opera stage, a rotunda in memorial of Mei Lanfang, and a waterside pavilion. In the exhibition hall, which has an oval-shaped plaza in front, can be seen numerous pictures showing and objects used by the maestro during his performances. Plum trees are everywhere in the park, and give off enchanting fragrance during early spring when they are in full bloom. The flowers are a thoughtful echo to the grand master's surname ("Mei", meaning plums in Chinese) and his moral rectitude just like the character of plum trees.

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Trip Moments

Walking into the Jiangsu Salt Tax Museum, we can see the process of cooking salt at that time. The museum building adopts the Qing Dynasty residential style, blue brick gray tile, lattice window, and the original three warehouses are integrated into one whole by adding the entrance hall, corridor, glass roof and other means, and the middle narrow roadway is changed into two courtyards. And a glass room that connects the front and rear buildings as a whole. According to historical records, the Hailing Supervisor of the Tang Dynasty was the first of the top ten salt supervisors in the country. In the Song Dynasty, the salt warehouse in Taizhou sent a salt and 400,000 bags in one year, creating a warehouse with a salt of 120 million. The national record of 10,000 pounds. The history of the Song Dynasty said that the world is in the southeast and the southeast is in the south of Huainan. The three prime ministers of the Song Dynasty, such as Yan Shu, Lu Yijian and Fan Zhongyan, once served as salt officials in Taizhou. Today, the courtyard of the museum has truly restored the iron of the boiled salt of the Northern Song Dynasty, which was imitation of the iron that was unearthed in Lianyungang. In the Han Dynasty, boiled salt was boiled in deep water. The iron here is boiled with brine. The brine contains more salt than seawater and has a high salt yield. and the iron in the Ming Dynasty boiled salt, carefully look at it is composed of multiple pieces, households save, put together to cook salt, this is actually to prevent salt people from cooking salt. The courtyard also made the statue of the people cooking salt at that time into a statue, lifelike. To the east of Taizhou is the Ocean Ocean, which produces a lot of salt. Khan collects a lot of taxes from this salt.
Posted: 24 Dec, 2018
Posted: 31 Dec, 2018
Shirley Zhu   
The first trip to Xinghua is to eat! The Sanshuiwan Hotel in Xinghua has an unappealing appearance and is operated by Xinghua's local specialties. The taste is amazing. Xinghua smoked goose is the most distinctive dish in Xinghua. Smoked meat, oily and fragrant, with good color and taste, clean and refreshing, crisp and fragrant, with a distinctive flavor. always thought that only Zhejiang North loves to eat badly drunk aquatic products. I didn't expect it to be very common in Xinghua drunken shrimp. The drunken shrimp here is more popular than Ningbo. The use of vinegar is higher and the taste is more layered. With sorghum, a touch of mellow aroma. When cooling outside, come to a hot fish hot pot, warm and warm. Braised squid head is the signature dish in the store. Although the practice and materials are very simple, the rich aroma comes from the nose, so that you can't eat your mouth yet. Jiangsu people also love soup, Laoya Tang is one of them, and it is also a very popular home cooking. The old duck soup that Xinghua had was golden in color and fragrant, but it was light and delicious but not greasy. I couldn't help but add a small bowl. Tangzhou Yangzhou area of the lion head is mainly stewed, Xinghua eats braised, and the white boiled egg inside has been soaked in the soup. The braised lion's head is more ready to eat than the stewed stew. Xinghua water network is densely covered, the most common on the table is river fresh and lake fresh. The boiled snails, very simple, retain the original flavor, with a little soy sauce, have a taste. I didn't expect to eat salt and pepper prawns in Xinghua. Although it is not as big as the ones eaten by the sea, the practice and taste are the same as those eaten by the sea.
Posted: 20 Mar, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Night tour of Fengcheng, dark night glaze to Taizhou tourism to enjoy the beauty of the night, "night tour Fengcheng River" is indispensable. Night Tour has always been regarded as the essence of Taizhou tourism. When the night falls, the ancient buildings on the banks of the Fengcheng River have a taste under the light moonlight map. The paintings of the Fengcheng River Taoyuan Wharf can take you on a quiet tour to see a different Fengcheng River. arrived at the dock and did not board the ship, only to find that the view in front of the scene is completely different from the Fengcheng River seen during the day, as if it had changed the world. Taizhou has no mountains and is surrounded by water; water is the characteristic and soul of Taizhou. The Fengcheng River Scenic Area is a concentrated and perfect embodiment of a kind of urban water rhyme that is rare in the country. A thousand acres of waters surround the city. Wandering in the Fengcheng River, and the water city veins unexpectedly met. Taizhou has already played the water in its eighteen patterns, infiltrating the unique warmth and temperament. The Fengcheng River is a circle, and the current day and night tour is only half open. Against the backdrop of modern lighting technology, the ancient Fengcheng River is sparkling and radiant. Night tour of the city, feel the charm of Taizhou for thousands of years, all from the mother river of Fengcheng River. The low-key and affinity of Taizhou also comes from this Fengcheng River. Along the river, there are melodious Kunqu operas, "Peach Blossom Fan" and Taizhou Ancient Music. On the gleaming river, you can quietly feel the night of the Fengcheng River. The route of the painting night tour is Taoyuan - Wanghailou - Wenchang Pavilion - Yingchun Bridge - Gulou Bridge - Pozi Street, entering the prosperous commercial district of Taizhou, the tour time is 40 minutes.
Posted: 20 Mar, 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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