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The city is under a lot of work pressure. I walked with me on the weekend in Taishun Baizhang Town, where the green mountains and green waters are beautiful. First take a walk 358 meters long and 48 meters high, come to the bridge, get the Guinness Book of the World, the first long pedestrian suspension bridge, the boat on the lake, breathing full of negative oxygen Ions, at the moment, seem to be between some islands overseas. You can also ride on the bicycle path. If you are tired, you can stop and take a rest. Look at the beautiful scenery of Qingshan Green Water Wenzhou Taishun. The city is small, but is it fun? Of course, you can stay in a tent hotel for one night. It is said that there are 12 rooms in total, and it is also a 12-constellation room. Haha, come and tell me what your sign is.
Posted: 19 Dec, 2018
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The morning water, the water foreskin in the evening is the essence of the leisure life of the old Taizhou people. Folk eating habits, only Taizhou inherited the early tea, and stubbornly rooted in the folk, into the people's lives. Taizhou's morning tea is not only about eating, but also about the soft feelings. Taizhou's morning begins with a slow chewing. At 8:30 in the morning, we walked into the ancient moon building on the old street, which was already a lively scene. People sitting around a table, chatting slowly and laughing, can always make me feel a little warm to people who rarely get up early. Local people's morning tea pay attention to the three treasures, this Gu Yue Lou is said to be old, the business is quite good, so we got up early in the morning, the first floor of the entrance has been filled with people, the waiter took us on Second floor. The morning tea three treasures are: hot dried silk, fish noodle soup and crab yellow packets. For more than a hundred years, Taizhou people have always regarded this "early tea three treasures" as the protagonist of breakfast. Several people get together, a cup of tea, a chopsticks, and then a laugh can be a morning. We ordered tea, dried silk, steamed buns, sizzling and so on. After a while, the delicate teapot was on the table. Each pot of tea was different. There were Pu'er, Jin Junmei and so on. Taizhou's morning tea is rich and varied, and the most traditional is one tea and three sides. A cup of tea, a hot silk is called a tea head, three points are buns, steamed dumplings and sizzling, one side is fish noodle soup.
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River
Meiyuan has "four musts", Meiting is a must, and the second is Mei Lanfang's large-scale half-body white marble statue. The artistic image of Yang Taizhen's large white marble in "Tai Zhen Wai Chuan" is also called the third, fourth. It is a giant stone tablet. It is written by Mr. Zhao Puchu when he came to Thailand. I don't know Peking Opera, but his name is still very good, and he is the first person in the Chinese Danjiao Creative School. Everyone knows that he sings first-class, but he doesn't know. He also paints, and Qi Baishi is also a teacher and friend (Qi Baishi also likes his drama). Not only that, but his calligraphy skills are also very deep. If a foreign friend is a guest performer, it is estimated that there will be a lot of laughter. The picture above is Mei Lanfang's practice: the forty-eight style of evil spirits, and this is also due to his two shortcomings, one is that the scorpion is not loud, but the reaction is slow, no one is optimistic about him, and this stunned eyes he has practiced Ten years is the pigeons that fly out at home every day. All success is not achieved overnight, it depends on how much effort we have made. The beautiful scenery of Meiyuan is accompanied by the Fengcheng River, which is surrounded by water on three sides and has an elegant scenery. BY DJI 4PRO Meiyuan passed the road and went to Taoyuan. When I was preparing to enter the gate, I saw a young man pushing a relative who was inconvenient to play in Taoyuan. No one is right for you, only family. Taizhou Fengcheng Taoyuan, waiting for the coming season, holding your hand, passing season after season. Linhe is the Wanghai Tower, there are not many people in Taoyuan, you can quietly appreciate and walk slowly. Small bridge in Jiangnan town
Taizhou dinner, mood and taste can not be less Western restaurant in addition to a romantic French-style long dining table, Western food produced compared to Chinese food is not too much. I will take a bite for everyone, and then analyze it for you! Because the main dish is salmon, the chef specially paired us with white wine, which is a good companion for all kinds of fish dishes! The first salad, the garlic bread is coated with the fragrant incense, the chicken breast is baked when the fire is in perfect control, not at all, and a little black pepper granules are delicious. The chef is worried that we can't eat the bitter Roman lettuce. It is specially replaced with glass lettuce that is more easily accepted by the Chinese. It has a sweet taste and is crisp and juicy. The details are so close! The second Western-style creamy soup, the main ingredients are carrots and potatoes. Because I usually do western food at home, I know that such a soup that seems to be flustered is actually going through frying, smashing, seasoning, and pulling flowers. It takes time and energy. The third fried salmon, the simple ingredients to reflect the original flavor, the sweet, tender and fresh salmon is perfectly locked in the texture of the ingredients, which makes people feel good. At the same time, there is a milky mashed potato, which makes the whole dish of the main dish form a charming triangle. The last dessert, Tiramisu, and the chef said that I usually do tiramisu at home and do not like to have a hard-working version of finger biscuits, prefer to eat pure tiramisu. The chef said that he specially prepared two versions, and there is always one for you. Oh, no praise.
Shirley Zhu
Walking into the Jiangsu Salt Tax Museum, we can see the process of cooking salt at that time. The museum building adopts the Qing Dynasty residential style, blue brick gray tile, lattice window, and the original three warehouses are integrated into one whole by adding the entrance hall, corridor, glass roof and other means, and the middle narrow roadway is changed into two courtyards. And a glass room that connects the front and rear buildings as a whole. According to historical records, the Hailing Supervisor of the Tang Dynasty was the first of the top ten salt supervisors in the country. In the Song Dynasty, the salt warehouse in Taizhou sent a salt and 400,000 bags in one year, creating a warehouse with a salt of 120 million. The national record of 10,000 pounds. The history of the Song Dynasty said that the world is in the southeast and the southeast is in the south of Huainan. The three prime ministers of the Song Dynasty, such as Yan Shu, Lu Yijian and Fan Zhongyan, once served as salt officials in Taizhou. Today, the courtyard of the museum has truly restored the iron of the boiled salt of the Northern Song Dynasty, which was imitation of the iron that was unearthed in Lianyungang. In the Han Dynasty, boiled salt was boiled in deep water. The iron here is boiled with brine. The brine contains more salt than seawater and has a high salt yield. and the iron in the Ming Dynasty boiled salt, carefully look at it is composed of multiple pieces, households save, put together to cook salt, this is actually to prevent salt people from cooking salt. The courtyard also made the statue of the people cooking salt at that time into a statue, lifelike. To the east of Taizhou is the Ocean Ocean, which produces a lot of salt. Khan collects a lot of taxes from this salt.
Fengcheng River Scenic Area
The first trip to Xinghua is to eat! The Sanshuiwan Hotel in Xinghua has an unappealing appearance and is operated by Xinghua's local specialties. The taste is amazing. Xinghua smoked goose is the most distinctive dish in Xinghua. Smoked meat, oily and fragrant, with good color and taste, clean and refreshing, crisp and fragrant, with a distinctive flavor. always thought that only Zhejiang North loves to eat badly drunk aquatic products. I didn't expect it to be very common in Xinghua drunken shrimp. The drunken shrimp here is more popular than Ningbo. The use of vinegar is higher and the taste is more layered. With sorghum, a touch of mellow aroma. When cooling outside, come to a hot fish hot pot, warm and warm. Braised squid head is the signature dish in the store. Although the practice and materials are very simple, the rich aroma comes from the nose, so that you can't eat your mouth yet. Jiangsu people also love soup, Laoya Tang is one of them, and it is also a very popular home cooking. The old duck soup that Xinghua had was golden in color and fragrant, but it was light and delicious but not greasy. I couldn't help but add a small bowl. Tangzhou Yangzhou area of the lion head is mainly stewed, Xinghua eats braised, and the white boiled egg inside has been soaked in the soup. The braised lion's head is more ready to eat than the stewed stew. Xinghua water network is densely covered, the most common on the table is river fresh and lake fresh. The boiled snails, very simple, retain the original flavor, with a little soy sauce, have a taste. I didn't expect to eat salt and pepper prawns in Xinghua. Although it is not as big as the ones eaten by the sea, the practice and taste are the same as those eaten by the sea.
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