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Qianduo (Raised Wetland Fields) Scenic Area

Qianduo (Raised Wetland Fields) Scenic Area

4.4/51,836 Reviews
Ranked No. 13 in Taizhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
Happy lele
"Beijing finally canceled the requirement to go to Beijing for a nucleic acid test report, after being baptized by several sandstorms, suddenly and continuously smog, as if following the spring's footsteps, to experience the warmth of the river-south water. Just in the season when the rape flowers bloom, backpack, a few friends walk. (Traffic) Traffic Raid: Beijing to Taizhou High-speed Railway, currently only one shift per day, Beijing to Yangzhou High-speed Railway is also only one, you can also choose Beijing to Nanjing South, Nanjing South to Taizhou or Yangzhou, there are more trains, the choice of space is large, From high-speed rail or taxi to Xinghua Millennium Scenic Area. (Money) Per capita Consumption: If you buy tickets in advance in major travel apps, 10 people can enjoy preferential team price. If individual customers can purchase tickets one day in advance in a mobile travel program, the joint ticket (ticket + one-way ticket) is 90 yuan, buy a ticket in the window of the scenic spot 100 yuan. (picture nail) practical tips: the ticket is a one-way ticket, you can take either an electric boat or a small boat with a sway. But can only take one-way boat trips, it is recommended that everyone enter the scenic area more energetic, walking tour, return when the cruise. March late to early April is in full bloom of rape season, the number of people watching on weekends, it is recommended to have a conditional choice of non-weekend to go."
Qin Lake

Qin Lake

4.8/59 Reviews
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Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Wuhu Lake is located in the northeastern part of Taizhou City, the core of Wuhu National Wetland Park. Wuhu, also known as magpie lake, is shaped like jade porridge, East and West 1.4 kilometers, North and South 1.5 kilometers, area about 2.34 square kilometers, is a good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste food. Remembrance of the eight scenery of Lake Biwa. Formerly, there were eight views of Lake Biwa: East viewing back fishing, South Temple Book Building, West Lake Photo, North Village Lianshe, Green Yards, Shiqiao Mingyue, Flower Shadow Qingyu, Yongfang Zhu. Now, in addition to a large maple tree, most of them have disappeared. It is gratifying to see the Wuhu National Wetland Park, must pass the trip from the park South Gate Wharf, take the boat to cross the Wuhu Lake, to the wetland Wharf. On the boating lake, with snow-white waves, with a fresh breeze, with the lakeside Buddhist towers, watching the lakeside scenery, watching the fish swimming in the lake ~ eight scenes of the ancient rhyme is faintly visible, beautiful scenery. Taste the eight fresh lakes. The eight fresh lakes, originally refers to the lake produced crab, shrimp, silverfish, turtle, snail, four xi, water vegetables, water birds as the main ingredients of eight cuisines. It has evolved into eight dishes: Lake Biwa crab, Lake Biwa shrimp ball, Lake Biwa fish cake, Lake Biwa turtle, Lake Biwa old goose, Lake Biwa snail, Lake Biwa silverfish, Lake Biwa miscellaneous fish. The gourmet shops in the ancient town of Xiangfan and the Wuhu National Wetland Park are mostly mainly cooking the eight fresh food in the Wuhu. Follow the comments and sit in a store to taste fresh, untie oysters, delicious. Tip: Wuhu is 30 kilometers from Taizhou City, it is convenient to drive to; you can also transfer from the city to bus 816, get off at the "Wuhu Scenic Area" station, and walk 200 meters to reach."