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Tianlongding Mountain ParkNearby City

Tianlongding Mountain Park

4.4/5274 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Wuzhou Can't Miss Attractions
"It is one of the most scenic spots in Luzhou, but Tunxi is too attached to tourism. To the Tianlongding, I actually need to drive by myself. My friend and I went by bus to Pangu Village Committee and then took the motorcycle driver's car, but I didn't know there was no car back until I arrived at the gate of the scenic spot. I have to ask the motorcycle driver to accompany us to the scenic spot and then send us back. It took (bus + taxi) ¥(6+40) + booking ¥40 + Downhill ¥(10+10) + return (taxi + bus) ¥(40+6), a total of 46+46+40+20=152😂 before and after this free travel. Pick a good weather go, Jingzhou people must not miss, must pay attention to sunscreen! I sunburn and cry to death! In fact, you don't have to limit yourself to the few mountains in the scenic area. You can also go to the windmill mountain. The sunset is also super beautiful, but we didn't go, if you drive to catch the sunset, don't miss it! You can go on the way when the water is not too heavy and the frost is not too heavy, even if you waste oil money when the water is not too heavy, there is a temple under a big stone on the Shimiao Mountain, I think it is novel to go (we didn't go anyway, after all, it is a taxi) and you must wear bright colors when you go. Yellow red blue pink orange super out! Bring a friend who will take a photo, definitely not to bear this trip! ! ! Attachment ↓↓↓↓"