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About Thailand

Thailand attracts travelers from around the world with its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and tasty cuisine. Bangkok is the region’s transportation hub and boasts rich tourist attractions such as the Thai royal palaces, temples, floating markets, and phenomenal street food. Chiang Mai to the north is full of ancient temples and one of the world’s best night markets. Thailand’s southern islands host several world class resorts. Phuket is great for tourists, Hua Hin is elegant, Pattaya has a vibrancy, and Ko Tao is the place for diving enthusiasts. There definitely something for everyone in Thailand.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Thailand

Grand Palace
9,315 Reviews
Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is close to the Chao Phraya River and is a symbol of the Bangkok dynasty. It is also the first choice for tourists to go to Thailand. It is the royal palace of the first to eighth Thai emperors of the Bangkok dynasty and still used for ceremonies such as coronation and celebration. The Grand Palace comprises intermingled building groups totaling 22. The main building group has 4 distinctive palaces and the Jade Buddha Temple. Buildings are in Siamese style and bring together the best of Thai painting, sculpture and decorative art.
Erawan Shrine
4,224 Reviews
The Four-Faced Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand, is known for its efficacy. For this reason, the Buddha is widely admired and highly sought after by the stars and celebrities of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Because it is located near large shopping malls like the Central World, it has also become a famous tourist attraction in Bangkok. In Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Four-Faced Buddha is considered a benevolent god. The Four-faced Buddha in Bangkok is in the Erawan Shrine amd the statue of the god is about 4 meters high. There are four faces altogether, which represent the four virtues of compassion, empathy, joy and charity. Those who pray for spiritual ascension must work hard to cultivate these four virtues.
Patong Beach
5,767 Reviews
Located on the west coast of Phuket, about 15 kilometers from Phuket Town, Patong Beach is very lively. Its overall shape is like a horseshoe. The beach sand is soft, the water is clear and the waves are small. You can rent a chaise longue on the beach to watch the sea, experience a variety of exciting water sports, and enjoy the delicious seafood in the stalls. In addition to the lively beach, the beach roads on Patong are home to most of Phuket's hotels, resorts, shopping malls, restaurants and a lot of entertainment and business facilities that will definitely make you feel interesting at night. When night falls, Bangla Street, illuminated by neon lights, is rather beautiful.
Chao Phraya
2,540 Reviews
The Chao Phraya River is known as the “Mother River” in Thailand and is also called the “Venice of the East”. Spanning a total of 1,352 kilometers, the Chao Phraya River runs through the southeastern part of Thailand and flows through the Bangkok city. It plays an important role in urban transport and the lives of the shore residents. The water transport on the Chao Phraya River is very convenient. The Chao Phraya Express Boat is one of the main domestic transport vehicles in the daily lives of Bangkok citizens. It is also a frequent means of transport for tourists. Sitting on a boat and watching the scenery on both sides of the river is pleasant, while taking a night tour of the Chao Phraya River is both romantic and comfortable. These two are definitely worth experiencing.

Trip Moments

Thailand is the most tempting to eat, drink and have fun!

This trip to Thailand is purely an accident. It is purely a chat with my girlfriend and everyone will go and leave! The biggest surprise to go to Thailand this time is to unlock the SINGHA BEER and Ma Xitai Seaweed Masita! They did not forget them until they returned to China.

I think the biggest surprise of going to Thailand this time is to learn about Thai beer! People who come to Thailand generally like to find food, but the wine and food are more beautiful! So every time I go to Thailand, I will win the SINGHA BEER with my girlfriend. After I returned to China, I still miss SINGHA BEER.

In addition to SINGHA BEER, Karma Xitai Seaweed Masita is also very good! After eating Masita, you will find that the seaweed that you have eaten before is inferior. Masita has a lot of flavors, original flavor, spicy and barbecue flavor, etc. I have tried it, it is thick and brittle, completely light oil is not greasy, more important is not adding MSG! Healthy and delicious snacks are available! is simply the gospel of my weight loss star. And I am super easy to get angry, this really does not get angry! When I came back, I bought a lot more directly and sent it back. I found that a certain East directly searched for Ma Xitai Seaweed and I was able to pick it up. I was still stupid and waiting for shipping, so I arranged a few boxes first! Now in my house, my parents, my husband, my son, no matter the drama, chat, friends gathering with Masita hahaha ~

ardermis. The most unexpected thing in Thailand this time is that the skin is stable and staggering. It seems that the ardermis that has been used recently has played a big role, and there are not many product series, but everything is brilliant. There is a counter in the Wangquan duty-free shop, I recommend you all to try. Be sure to use the brand series products to discover the New World.

Traveling for a few days is Le Mridien Bangkok, the service is very good, the trampoline is the most comfortable one. It is convenient to go anywhere. SPA is also super good, the package also includes girl's heart afternoon tea.

Thailand authentic food PLU face value online is also good. , Thousands of Scrambled Eggs, Durian Cake, Cake, must-have Tom Yum Kung soup can try. Be sure to make an appointment in advance before you go to eat, because the restaurant is very famous, the guests are often full, there may be no seats without prior reservation, the restaurant can pay in cash or by credit card~
Posted: 29 Sep 2019
Posted: 26 Aug 2019


Chiang Mai
For most people, New Years evokes memories of large celebrations. Perhaps it’s watching the ball drop in New York’s Times Square, perhaps it’s the fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge. In Thailand and other places throughout Southeast Asia, New Years is an excuse to have a massive water fight. Thailand’s traditional New Years festival, known as Songkran, is observed every year from April 13-15. To understand Songkran is to gain an appreciation of Thailand and Thai culture. In this travelogue, we explore the traditions around Songkran and delve into some recommendations for great places to participate in the festivities. Make sure you’ve got a change of clothes, because we’re going to get wet.
Opps-Snow   13 May 2019
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