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Things To Do in Tongchuan

Zhaojin International Ski Resort
232 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
_We***15Not bad. I went on weekdays. There were not many people in the morning, and many people started to get up in the afternoon. I practiced making dumplings. The magic carpet for beginners is a bit slippery and fast. I can only play with these two for the first time. Dao played. My wife has never played, the coach is enthusiastic and professional, 240 per hour, my wife also learned to exercise Muggle for a while, and there is no compulsory consumption, okay, the cafeteria is a bit small, there are comments that the boiling water is not hot nor encountered, of course it is not ruled out few people. Tickets include snowboards and snowshoes, double-boards and poles, snow suits and helmets are charged separately, but it is not expensive, and overall it is good. Next time I have the opportunity to go to the northeast ski resort ⛄️
Yaowang (The King of Medicine) Mountain
163 Reviews
扶疏子According to Song Minqiu's "Chang'an Zhi", Yaowang Mountain was called Fengkong Mountain in ancient times, "in East Wuli of Huayuan County". "The Story of Mount Wutai" says: "Mountains and rocks can be chimes, and the sound of jade sounds when they knock, so it is called a chime jade mountain." Qiao Shining’s "Yaozhou History·Geography" said: "Bluestone came out of the mountain, and the Tang Tianbao was taken as a chime. The temple in the outskirts of it was then abandoned Sibin chime." In the Northern Song Dynasty, there were five peaks on the mountain and the top was as flat as a platform, and it was renamed Mount Wutai. . Each of Wutai has its proper name: Ruiying in the east, Qiyun in the south, Shengxian in the west, Xianhua in the north, and Qitian in the middle. In the Qing Dynasty, it was called Nanwutai different from Chang'an, and this mountain was also called Beiwutai. During the Qianlong period, Yaozhou Xuezheng Wu Zhen wrote "Fu from the North Wutai Mountains", containing "Continued Yaozhou History·Art and Literature History".
Fragrant Hills
134 Reviews
舒儿When talking about Xiangshan, everyone will think of Beijing's famous Fragrant Mountain. Today we went to Tongchuan Xiangshan in Shaanxi. Although it is not as famous as Beijing's Xiangshan, the scenery is really beautiful. It is the dojo of Guanyin Bodhisattva. It is also the body of Guanyin. I hope everyone can go to see the beauty of Fragrant Mountain after understanding. Tickets are 40 yuan, and you can get there by navigating Tongchuan Xiangshan. There is no large basic car in the parking lot on the roadside. There is no parking fee. There are some aunts selling special products at the entrance. Tickets are 40 per person. Free for 65 and over. You can also buy a battery car for 10 yuan per person when you enter, and you can pull it directly to the entrance of the scenic spot. It may take about 30 minutes if you go up. Fragrant Mountain is located to the west of Yaoyu Village (Yaoyu Village), Miaowan Town, 45 kilometers northwest of Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. It has numerous mountain ranges, vertical and horizontal river valleys, unique geological and landforms, and a forest coverage rate of over 85%, which is a well-preserved natural secondary Forest area. The Buddhist building on the mountain Daxiangshan Temple was built in Fu Qin. It is the place where the third daughter of King Miao Zhuang and Princess Miao Shan practiced. Because of Miaoshan's hand-eye doctor father's disease, he was edicted as Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes, revered as the lord god of Xiangshan, and Xiangshan became a famous Buddhist mountain. Therefore, Xiangshan is well-known for its bodhisattva spirituality. Pilgrims from the dynasties and mountains have gathered not only from China, but also from some countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau. It is one of China's "eight famous Buddhist mountains" and a well-known Buddhist holy place. It is the only place where Guanyin sits and the body worships. In 1986, it was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit of the city. In 1999, the Xiangshan-Zhaojin Provincial Scenic Spot was established together with the Zhaojin Revolutionary Base. In 2014, it was promoted to a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.
The ancient town of Chenlu
70 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
lmc2009The ancient town of Chenlu is known as the northern porcelain capital and is as famous as Jingdezhen. Chenlu Ancient Town belongs to Yaozhou kiln, and it is also the only kiln mouth in Yaozhou kiln that has been continuously burning for thousands of years. At present, relying on the ancient kiln workshops to vigorously develop tourism here, there are currently no fees and few tourists.
Yaozhou Kiln Museum Ticket Office Billetterie
49 Reviews
悍生无解The Yaozhou Porcelain Museum is the largest ceramic science museum. It displays the historical process of the rise, prosperity and decline of the Yaozhou kiln. It also reflects the evolution and rich connotation of the porcelain craftsmanship of the kiln from the early Tang Dynasty to the middle of the Ming Dynasty for 700 years. The collection includes thousands of cultural relics represented by rare treasures of Tang Dynasty three-color dragon head covers, black glaze tower jars, five dynasties celadon carved pots, and Song dynasty celadon carved go chess boxes. Among them are the "official" celadon of the Five Dynasties, the carved celadon of the Song Dynasty and gold Daiyue Baizhou Bone Glaze Porcelain is the exquisite collection.
Yuhuagong Ski Area
48 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
扶疏子Yuhua Palace Ski Resort is located in the beautiful Yuhua Palace Scenic Area in West Tongchuan, Shaanxi, and is the largest ski resort in the northwestern region. Yuhua Palace, located 37 kilometers northwest of Tongchuan City, was once a summer residence for the three emperors of the early Tang Dynasty and a Buddhist holy land. It is the only oasis on the border between the Loess Plateau and the Guanzhong Plain in northern Shaanxi and one of the three largest Chinese pine forest areas in my country. Yuhua Mountain is filled with pine waves, clear springs and waterfalls, serene winding paths, and deep flowers in the Zen room. It has the reputation of "high cold and clear, far better than Lishan".

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Jinyang Lake
Jinyang LakeTongchuan,China

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Yaowang (The King of Medicine) Mountain
Yaowang (The King of Medicine) MountainTongchuan,China

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Fudi Lake
Fudi LakeTongchuan,China

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Fragrant Hills
Fragrant HillsTongchuan,China

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The ancient town of Chenlu
The ancient town of ChenluTongchuan,China

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Tongchuan Travel Tips

About Tongchuan

Tongchuan is located in Shaanxi Province, with the ancient city of Xi'an to its south and the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor and historic Yan'an to its north. Tongchuan itself is a model of the perfect integration of cultural and natural attractions. The famous Tang era physician Sun Simiao once secluded himself here, and Tang era calligraphist Liu Gongquan and Northern Song painter Fan Kuan were both born in Tongchuan. Tongchuan isn't just about human culture, though. The scenery is gorgeous, the summers cool, and the winters mild. In the wintertime here, you can even experience the spectacle of an ice and snow festival and the pleasures of a modern ski venue. Enjoy the fun of playing winter sports and seeing ice sculptures and ice lanterns.

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Tongchuan Weather

Apr 21, 2021
7 ~ 16
Apr 22, 2021
11 / 24
Apr 23, 2021
Light rain
11 / 17
Apr 24, 2021
Light rain
9 / 14
Apr 25, 2021
9 / 14
Apr 26, 2021
Light rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Tongchuan
Apr 21, 2021 Tongchuan Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:87%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:06/19:21
Tongchuan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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