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Things To Do in Tongdao

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gz当地向导伊妹儿Tongdao Huangdu Dong Ethnic Cultural Village has a nice view, a unique architectural style, and a village with ethnic characteristics. It is a good choice to feel the happiness brought by the banquet and drinking. It is interesting and cost-effective.
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观天下Wanfo Mountain on the Huaihua Pass in Hunan is the landform of Danxia Peak Forest. The red peaks are undulating. The mountain is not very high. It will not be very tiring to climb the Ten Thousand Buddha Golden Summit. The air is fresh and there are not many tourists. Ten Thousand Buddha Golden Summit There are glass planks.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The channel Shantou ancient Yao Village is good, pleasant scenery, fresh air, natural, comfortable, feeling the customs of the Yao people, national characteristics, listening to the songs of the Yao people, cost-effective, interesting.
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Ancient Settlement
M45***54Driving, the car can't go in, you have to change the bus, the Yi nationality gathering place, the food is OK, the weather is very hot, a little tired, too many people, can't walk, there is a show after walking a long way, you have to buy tickets again, every time you have to show your first ticket, a little trouble, Plus, I didn't book the appropriate homestay in advance, so that I couldn't book the good one. Finally, we drove away. Good and clean homestay needs to be strengthened.
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Terraced Field
E47***38It was absolutely beautiful! My friends and I went in December, so it wasn't as beautiful as it could have been, but it still was! definitely need to go back when it's green and filled with rice!
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M45***54The bird's nest sits a beautiful performance, beautiful, full of plots and fun, after watching the children can fully speak out the folk customs of the Dong people, parents also seem to return to the young time, worth a visit

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Wanfo MountainHuaihua,China

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Passageway Zhuanbing Memorial HallHuaihua,China

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Tongdao Dong Nationality Cultural VillageHuaihua,China

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Matian Drum TowerHuaihua,China

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Bailitong Culture GalleryHuaihua,China

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