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Longyangxia Ecological Tourist ResortNearby City

Longyangxia Ecological Tourist Resort

4.6/585 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #4 in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan Can't Miss Attractions
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" has a little confusion about the Longyang Gorge, Longyang Lake, Yellow River Grand Canyon, and Earth Forest Geopark. I just went on October 3 today, so summarize it. Driving from Xining, take the high speed, pass the Wuyuan Service Area, exit the high speed at the Sun Moon Township, (according to the navigation hints also), the following about 60 kilometers is the national road, the road is very flat, but there is a large section of Panshan Road behind. The first attraction is the Yellow River Grand Canyon (Figure 1) drives in from this twisted road. It will take about a few kilometers to see the ticket office. Tickets and boat tickets can be bought together or separately. Tickets are 10 yuan, half price for children. We do not take a boat, so we did not buy a boat ticket. From the ticket office to the scenic spot and the Yellow River Grand Canyon Wharf, there are still a few kilometers away. You can take the plank to the top of the mountain. It's not too high. You can also take a boat. The original road after the tour returns to the sign in Figure 1. Back to National Road 310, continue to move forward, pass the Longyang Grand Canyon, the signpost is on the roadside, and stop to buy tickets. I didn't go to this attraction, the Longyang Grand Canyon seems to be an entrance and an exit. The next attraction is Longyang Lake, we are two adults and one student. Tickets + boat tickets totaled 195 yuan. Now the scenic spot has also given a discount and sent three tickets for the Earth Forest Geopark. Dam is in front of Longyang Lake, the boat is a big boat of 100 people, about 25 minutes, Longyang Lake parking for free. Longyang Lake came out and continued to move forward, is a geopark of the soil and Yang Lake, about 12 kilometers from Longyang Lake, the soil and Yanglin Geopark is called China Colorado Grand Canyon, it is really shocking. Fig. 2 is the road to the Yellow River Grand Canyon, and Fig. 3 is the Yellow River Grand Canyon. Fig. 5 is the ticket and boat ticket bought in the Longyang Lake Scenic Area and the ticket for the Tulin Geopark sent. Fig. 6. 7 is Longyang Lake, Fig. 11-15 is the Tulin Geopark, there is a wooden plank, climb to the top of the mountain is the most beautiful, the scenic spot goes into the left plank. The scenic spot seems to be able to take other roads back to Xining from Longyangxia Town, or you can return to Xining by the original road. We chose the original road to return to Xining. Longyang Lake scenic spot actually does not matter, mainly by boat, but send tickets to the soil and forest Geopark, so it is still worth it. These 4 attractions, each one is about 1 hour. I saw a tour bus on the road, I don't know if it is organized by a local tour company or... In short, these several attractions have to go by car, public transportation seems to have no."