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Nian DuhusiNearby City

Nian Duhusi

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"The year is quite far away, the road through a large area of woods and grassland, located in a hillside, but did not expect the most quiet and comfortable. Because it is just a temple of Longwu Temple, so the scale is not large, the total of two halls, monk house is not many. When we arrived, the gates were closed, and there was no one but an old woman who had turned to the temple. Behind the temple was a field of open grass, and a few pear trees were covered with white pear flowers, and the shadows of the pear trees were printed on the wall, as if the years had left a mottled mark. These trees remind me of the campus years ago, on the way to the study room, there are several magnolia trees, every time this season, flowers blooming full branches, will send out a faint fragrance, morning and evening pass by, the day's expectations and harvest will have flowers fragrance as companions. Buddha pay attention to the flower Buddha, Zen Zong more Buddha Zen flowers smile origin, daily in such a pear tree, flowers, the understanding of the Buddhist scriptures of the universe truth, is not without pleasure. Behind them are centuries old temples, the murals on the walls are vivid and strange, in front of the blue sky, pear trees are blooming in a wall behind the earth. You watch the sunset a little bit on the yellow wall slope down, your heart also a little bit sinking, it ran for a day, so by the evening breeze blowing away the impetuous voice, leaving only the memory of those smooth and smooth feelings."