The World's Most Beautiful Self-Driving Tours

Self-driving tours, offering flexibility and convenience, are fast becoming the best choice for young travelers. Here are some destinations we think are perfect for self-drivers so start your engines!
Orlando, United States
Experience the magical journey at Universal Studios
Experience the adventure of Disney fairy tales
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San Francisco, United States
Visit the lively scene at Fisherman's Wharf
See Golden Gate Bridge and iconic Lombard Street
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Los Angeles, United States
See the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
A world-renowned entertainment and cultural center
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Queenstown, New Zealand
Visit New Zealand’s "Adventure Capital"
Go bungee jumping, skydiving, horseback riding!
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Frankfurt, Germany
Explore a modern German industral commercial center
See the perfect blend of modernity and tradition
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Melbourne, Australia
Experience the artistic atmosphere in Melbourne
Drive along the magnificent Great Ocean Road
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Hobart, Australia
Explore one of Australia’s oldest cities
Visit the beautiful overlook on Mount Wellington
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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thailand's "Northern Rose" is fresh and serene
Immerse yourself in an enchanting urban atmosphere
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Pattaya, Thailand
Explore a passionate city that comes alive at night
Indulge in the wonderful nightlife
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Queensland, Australia
Drive the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest
Stop and explore incredible scenes under the waves
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Lhasa, China
Visit the Potala Palace in the "Roof of the World"
Explore mountains, forests, grasslands, and more
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