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The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort
Leaving Noboribetsu, I and the vigorous trip to Hokkaido continue to move forward. This station is Lake Toya! Finally came to Lake Toya in Silver Sang! Actually, I saw the super-large silver mulberry humanoid card in the first convenience store after getting off the bus. I was very excited to see ~ Winter to Lake Toya is of course also for hot springs, this trip In the second half of the year, I specially arranged the destinations: Noboribe and Toyako, all for the hot springs and hotels. Hotel I booked: #Tongye Lakeview Naifeng Resort Hotel When booking a hotel, in Windsor Hotel and Naijo Wind Hotel I have been entangled for a long time, and I finally chose the wind. It is quite satisfactory~ Winsor Hotel has a good view of Lake Toya on the hillside, but there is a certain distance from the town. I have to take a taxi or take a bus to get there. I can't walk to the light tunnel at night, so I finally chose the location where it is more convenient. The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Toya. Every room has a superb view of the lake. The most famous of the winds is the open-air infinity hot spring on the top floor, facing Lake Toya and watching the lake during the day. In the evening, watch the sunset, watch the stars at night, and there will be fireworks on the lake every summer. After the check-in at the front desk, we entered the room and changed into a bathrobe. The girls are red, the boys are blue, and after changing the clothes, they cant wait to go to the restaurant first. The dinner is in the form of a buffet. Counting rich, all kinds of sashimi, sushi, vegetables, fruit types are still very rich, and actually provide Chinese snacks and the like. hot springs: You can go to the hot springs in the beautiful and beautiful, be sure to go to the hot springs on the top floor, soak in the soup pool, float in the snow and open-air hot springs, look at the sheepshoe mountain is simply too special The body and mind have been greatly relaxed and super comfortable. In addition to the hot springs on the top floor, the room type we chose is a private hot spring in the room. Even the indoor hot spring pool is the floor-to-ceiling glass of the lake. After eating the buffet breakfast in the morning, I also specially dunk in the room. For a while. Finally, I was reluctant to check out. The time of Lake Toya is the most enjoyable journey of my journey.
From the infinity hot spring pool of Toyako Onsen Hotel, the scenery of Lake Toya has been stopped for two days. The sky is light blue, and the clouds cover the junction of the distant mountains and the sky, although the body is large. Some of them are soaked in hot springs, but they can feel the chill. They can feel that today's temperature is much lower than yesterday. I like this kind of ice and fire, and I am looking forward to a hearty sunrise on the lake, even though I am Knowing this may not be big, because the opposite aspect of the infinity pool should be Western. Two consecutive days of blizzards, plus the snow in the past few days, the snow in many places has reached half a person deep, but in Tonle Lake, it is rare to see snow, probably because of the geothermal hot springs. . can't help but praise for the nearly explosive character. It snows when it snows, the sunny day, the blue near, the twilight in the distance, the white snow, against the blue sky and white clouds Underneath, people can't help but pity to Wuhu, Yunnan, with a hint of mystery, long distance, and the world. Tokyo Lake is Japan's third largest crater lake after Lake Kussharo and Lake Shikotsu. Surrounded by the Showa New Mountain, the Pearl River, the Qianqian Mountain and the Mt. Yotei, it has a quiet and independent beauty. The lake will not freeze in winter. It is the northernmost non-frozen lake in Japan, with beautiful lakes flowing all year round. The Toyako Forest Museum is built on the middle island of the lake and can be reached by a tourist boat.
Hokkaido in winter is like a snow and ice fairy tale country, crystal clear and dust-free. If you want to go to a place with few people to breathe, look at the snow mountain lake view, hot springs and daze, the Toya Lake in the lower left corner of Hokkaido map is best. The weather in Tonno Lake in winter is unpredictable. The time of clearing is very short. If there are many hotels and traffic in the bad weather, it will stop operating. So many people will avoid going to other places, but it is because of this, winter. The Lake Toya was able to be so clean. When I saw Dongye Lake, which was like a fairyland in winter, it didnt eat human fireworks. I knew that if I didnt come, I would regret it. Located in the southwestern part of Hokkaido, Toyako Lake belongs to the Japanese branch of Toya National Park, known as the Volcano Museum. In the early 20th century, the volcano erupted frequently in this area. After the depression, the lake was formed. Because the lake is relatively wide and the surrounding mountains are not high, it gives a very broad feeling. When we went, the character broke out in a sunny day. The scenery of Lake Toya, which was seen in the morning, was very quiet. The calm and mirrored lake reflected the blue sky with a touch of powder. It was very artistic. Lake Toya is the northernmost limit of Japan's unfrozen lakes. Even in the winter, the lake will not freeze. The lakes are beautiful all year round, so you can take a boat trip to Lake Toya in winter.
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