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Things To Do in Umbria

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亲亲宝贝1234A beautiful town on the top of the mountain, the evening scenery is so beautiful! The cathedral is very exquisite, and the interior decoration is gorgeous, but it's a pity not to let you take pictures! There happened to be an event held in the church. I watched it for a while. The outside scenery, the blue sky in the evening, accompanied by the sunset, is as beautiful as a picture!
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小思文The Italian chocolate factory and museum are also quite large. The museum facilities are also very good. They are the best handmade chocolate processing places in Italy. There are many world-renowned chocolate masters and the taste is very pure.
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203***17It can be said that there are churches everywhere in Europe, especially the cathedrals at every turn. This church claims to be ranked very high among the religions in Italy, so I went to see it. There is nothing special, but I feel that it is in the night. Finding a place and admiring the building under the lighting effect, it feels good
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小思文Perugia City Hall is also an administrative agency. There is also a square near the building. The City Hall is also a place in the core of the city. Many places here are also very interesting. You can visit here.
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小思文Perugia is also a city with a long history in Italy. There are many religious buildings and some very historical buildings here. Basically, it is mainly on foot. It is a good choice.
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203***17Perugia is an ancient town with Gothic architecture. The square on November 4th can be a relatively large square in the local area. It may be that the whole city is a mountain city, so it is not easy to have such an open space. The building is very special, if you drive by yourself, it’s okay to check it out

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Fontana MaggioreProvince of Perugia,Italy

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Museo Civico Archeologico e Pinacoteca Rosa,Italy

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Church of St. Augustine (Sant'Agostino)Province of Perugia,Italy

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Tempio di Santa Maria della ConsolazioneProvince of Perugia,Italy

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Basilica di Sant'UbaldoProvince of Perugia,Italy

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Roman HouseProvince of Perugia,Italy

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