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City Park
Fangongting Park

Fangongting Park

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"City Park"
""The world first and worry, the world after the joy and joy", let people remember this Song Dynasty famous minister Fan Zhongyan, Qingzhou is the "first worry and then the music" the last station of the life of the ancestors, he spent his life in the country, dedicated, to give one person's personal, from the hope of the million people, worthy of future generations to remember. As soon as you enter the park, you will see the "Lian" card on the stones on the roadside. This is the word of the people of Qingzhou to Fan Zhongyan. There is also the Yongji Bridge built in Tianbao, Qi, which is now rebuilt as a 3-hole stone arch bridge. The Yongji Bridge, guarded by Shishi, is the ancient Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall, near a tablet is the Shandong poet Cai Kejia titled Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall, here Li Qingzhao followed the fallen husband Zhao Mingcheng back to Qingzhou residence, the gate is closed, is renovating; Walking along the Yangxi Lake, patting Yongji Bridge at the angle, Yangxi Lake in the garden, the water, green trees, looking for the signboard of Sanxian, saw a large circle of fences, is also in re-repair, Sanxian is in Qingzhou do Zhizhou Fan Zhongyan, and once in Qingzhou Ouyang Xiu, Fuyu, This is the three wise men whom the San Xianzhu of Fan Gongting Park commemorates. Unfortunately! Unfortunately! Unfortunately! San Xianzhu and Li Qingzhao Memorial are all renovated. They have to walk in the garden to find the sages and listen to the wind and the water to talk and laugh about the past and present; Walking, the sun began to fall west, the embers through the leaves, sprinkle on the grass, there appeared a piece of gold, behind the slope of Nanyang Lake scenic spot; like this side of the landscape, like this city. Tickets: free"