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Qingzhou Xinghuacun Wangfu Manor

Qingzhou Xinghuacun Wangfu Manor

4.3/552 Reviews
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"Overall great, fun and fun, nice views, May Day holiday to play, queues took some time, sorted out and played close to 5 hours. 1. High-altitude glass water slide: Queuing for more than an hour, but must play ❤ slide will not be particularly fast, two downhill will be a little dangerous, raincoats are free, but will still wet the sleeves, corners and necklines! It is very cold when the wind blows, you can put it in the rear arrangement; 2. Kart: The ground is very small, the accelerator is turned, and there is no chance to try drifting; 3. Sandy motorcycle: The running section is quite long, the driving is very good, there is a big downhill to pay attention to safety at the end; 4. Step by step, the bridge is quite high, you can't return halfway up, you must consider it again...; 5. Jungle leap: Small wheels are faster than big wheels, one can try, the shake range will be bigger and more exciting; 6. Net Nest Park: adults and children can play, leisure projects, very resilient like a trampoline, sitting and resting is very good; 7. Space walk: leisure projects, sitting and watching the scenery; 8. Run to the rainbow 🌈 It's raining, the project is closed and it looks very high and steep; 9. Peacock Mengchong Garden 🦚 looked at it from afar, only a few small white pigeons did not go in to play; 10. Love Island yo-yo chair, time reason did not play. 11. Wisteria forest, breathtaking windmills, photos are very good, the park has some small non-charge bridges, small projects, when the small park strolling to play~"