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Shimen Lane

Shimen Lane

4.4/5497 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Linqu Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Shimenfang is located in the west of the twenty-odd Huali Osaka Ma village in Linyi in the mountains of the valley, the south of the mountain range, the two peaks facing the gate, so it is named. The "night photo" of Shimen, which enters the mountain's wonders, is the first of the eight major landscapes in Linyi. The forest cover rate of Shimenfang scenic spot 99.6%, due to climate and geographical reasons, red leaf yellow jujube has become the main tree species in the region. The best time to visit Shimenfang scenic spot is from mid-late October to early November. Deep autumn season is full of red leaves, is also the paradise of photography lovers. In late autumn season, yellow leaves spread over the valley, such as fire like the rays, cypress among the clusters, red inlaid, Dan Qingliya, beautiful. Not only let people praise "dye red scenery, not the Xiangshan Shengxiangshan." Every October will hold the red leaf culture festival, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, more appreciation of folk art performance, let the tourists do their best. Walking in the red leaves of Linyi Shimenfang, strolling on the mountain path, one step a scene a scene a feeling, you feel like you are in the ink-splashed landscape painting. Shimenfang tickets for 45 yuan per adult. Old people over 70 years of age and children under 1.4 meters are free, but in the safety considerations, the scenic area will force the purchase of accidental insurance in May to enter the park. In addition, the outside of the scenic area of the whole sheep is a local food, taste can, but short of jin is inevitable, it is recommended that tourists out of the scenic spot to the county to taste, and experience the small town life rhythm more comfortable."
Yunmenshan Scenic Spot

Yunmenshan Scenic Spot

4.4/5746 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 34 reviews
Ranked #19 in Weifang Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Yunmen Mountain is located in 📍Guangdong Shaoguan Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, is a 4A-level comprehensive tourist attraction with the theme of "Yunmen Zen Culture" and "Road Mountain Folk Customs Culture" 🏞. Here, the mountain clear water show 🏞 is a good place to view the scenery. After Yunmen Mountain Memorial Archway ⛩, The marble plaque has the three words 🖌 with the red "Yunmen Mountain". Sightseeing cable car 🚡 is the most relaxed way to go up the mountain 🧗‍♂️, there are endless scenery 🌳 and the high-altitude net red thrilling rides. Water Park, Glass Bridge, Steps, Cloud Waterfall, High-altitude cycling...Must punch ✔️ Glass Bridge Deck all uses transparent glass "People walk in the air, the scenery is swimming at the bottom of their feet", thrilling, beautiful scenery 🏞, all eyes. ✔️ High-altitude bicycle is really super exciting on the wire, even if there is a safety rope 〰 will be very afraid 🙀, Fortunately, it is possible for 2 people to ride together, if it is really afraid, close your eyes and fast groan. ️ Surprise Project: ✔️ Water Park Yunmen Mountain Water Park New upgrade, It covers more than 2.5 million square meters and is the largest water park in the northeastern part of Guangdong. Recommendation: Tsunami Pool: Feel the stimuli of the waves coming from the big trumpet: 4 people happy, the timid don't try the skin-fin spiral slide: curved, thrilling stimuli 🌬 Rainbow slide: long slide, yellow, red and blue, wave-shaped slide, fun. ·⛰[Sightseeing Raiders]📍Detailed address: Rucheng Town Yunmen Village, Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province: The most convenient opening time for self-driving: matinee 08:30-17:30(latest admission time 16:00) Ticket price: Yunmen Mountain Scenic Area Big Tickets + Glass Bridge + Yunshan Xiuding + Yunshang Waterfall Duplex Sightseeing Elevator + One way cable car (adult ticket 168)"