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Weinan is situated in the east of the Weihe Plain in Shaanxi province. Its history dates back to the Qin and Han dynasties, and the area is regarded as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Many famous Chinese historical figures were born here, including the great historian Sima Qian, the legendary inventor of Chinese characters Cang Jie, and the inventor of a type of liquor, Du Kang.
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Things To Do in Weinan

Mount Hua
26,679 Reviews
E11***35Chinese pronunciaton as " Hua Shan " where the Land reformation happened thousands of years before. With this formation, you can feel stunning, exhausted along the walking trails. Since "Hua Shan" is known as the number 1 RISKY amongst those great mountains in China, thus, there is no regret at all when you are there.
Huashan West Trail Road
939 Reviews
Cable Car
袭梦Take your parents to visit Huashan, thank you for the existence of the Xifeng cableway, which makes it possible to visit Huashan on a day. The cableway has to be taken for a long time, and the scenery you can see in the car is also very good, very recommended. In November, Huashan only received second-generation ID card tourists, all people without second-generation ID card are not able to enter, this typical lazy government is also uniform. We took the high-speed rail from Xi'an to Huashan, the high-speed rail station out of the normal taxi, all taxis do not make a watch, you have to bargain with you, what age, this bad atmosphere still exists! Even the big words that the taxi has to be billed have not been paid attention. Return from Huashan is not a price increase or taxi, and even if the price increase, there is no ticket, the experience here is really too bad. In addition, from the West Peak up the mountain, everyone will cost 40 yuan to take the scenic bus, why do you set the scenic door so far, the bus most of the time is between the town and village shuttle. Well, we are the trip from west to north, took the cableway from west peak and north peak. The rest of the way is on foot. After passing the various mountains, the one-day trip from Xi'an city to Huashan is not particularly tired. It is acceptable. Huashan scenery is still very beautiful, the toilets on the mountain are very dirty, the foam on the mountain is very expensive, it is not cheap to take a trip to Huashan, you are ready.
Dangjia Village
666 Reviews
青铜之器Because it was a trip for myself and my children, I got up early to freshen up late. The departure was almost nine o'clock, and the highway exit went wrong. I ran more than 50 kilometers and arrived at Dangjia Village by lunch time. Passing through the smoky snack street, I bought a piece of Changsha stinky tofu and bought tickets for 75 yuan for one big and one small. I just got into the history of the bluestone and bricks. Dangjia Village is known as the "Treasure of Oriental Residential Houses". The whole village is oval in shape, and the whole village can be overlooked from the slope into the village. Dangjia Village was built in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and then gradually expanded. When the two surnames of Dangjia and Jia joined the business in the village, it began to have its current scale and height. The most eye-catching building in the village is the Wenxing Pavilion Tower, which shows the value orientation of learning and fame in the feudal socialist village. The magnificent door lintel, carved in wood or brick, shows the richness and dignity of the owner. The contents of the plaque include farming, celebrating, respecting, and poetry, showing the owner's preference and desire. The structure of the former residence of Hanlin, the ancestral temple of the party clan, and the branch silver courtyard of the party clan, the structure of the quadrangle courtyard is simple and noble and elegant. Several doors were closed, or the black paint was mottled, or the wood peeled off to reveal the wood, silently telling the joys and sorrows of the door. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, thieves and bandits were rampant. In order to defend their homeland, the people of Dangjia Village raised funds to build Biyang Fort, forming a pattern of inner and outer villages. Walking along the uneven bluestone alleyway paved hundreds of years ago, stroking the exposed brick walls of blue bricks, sitting on the bluestone steps outside the closed door, looking at the layered eaves, come here, what we are looking for Probably it was a touch! The ancestors hundreds of years ago worked hard and earnestly lived on this land, leaving us with such precious historical relics. That is a testimony of their struggle and their expectations for future generations: struggle, life will never cease , Struggle more!
Shaohua Mountain Forest Park
599 Reviews
_We***08I didn't have much hope, so I wanted to take the kids out for a walk, so I didn't do any homework in the early stage. I didn't expect the scenery to be very good, but there were too many people during the May 1st day, especially the cable car! But the glass plank road is worth a visit! There are also two hotels in the scenic area. Shimen Hotel is newly opened, and Ctrip can't find it yet! It seems more than 500 a day including breakfast! It’s a few tens of kilometers away from the Xi’an Expressway. One weekend is enough. I think I must buy tickets for tunnels and sightseeing cars, because it’s definitely not possible to walk 10 kilometers between the two lines. There are 25 sightseeing cars, 100 cable cars in off-season and 100 in peak seasons. 130 round trips, 15 minutes or so, three times slowly in the middle of the impulse cable car. To be honest, the first stop scared me! You can buy tickets in advance on Ctrip and go to the self-service machine at the visitor center to collect the tickets. In the morning, you can take the cableway to the glass plank road and then to Qianlong Temple. There is a two-thousand-year-old cypress and acacia tree in it, and then take the cable car. Do a sightseeing car and then go to Shimen. There is a hydrophilic area on the line where you can take your kids to play! And the scenic spots are all ramps and there are few steps. I like it too much. Not tiring! Bringing children to walk by themselves is simply liberating old mothers! It started to rain when I was halfway up the climb, which was rather sad, but because of the rain, I accidentally saw the scenery around the clouds and mountains, which was also a pleasant surprise! The process of enjoying the journey is the most important! I wish you all have fun
Sima Qian Ancestral Hall
665 Reviews
Memorial Temple
非洲向阳菊Sima Qianzhen is really worth seeing, we went early, there were very few people, quiet environment, heavy historical feeling, it is awe-inspiring! Honor to the great Taishi Sima Qian! The online ticket purchase is both good and quick, but it has to be an hour early, fortunately, I bought it the first night. Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
471 Reviews
E11***35Great to be here with Splendid view all around. Suggest to take cable car up to the north, stay one night at the west, then strolling down to the mountain foot. Don't worry about this as hot food is available along the track with average quality. Of course, you should pay more in those mountains.

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Dangjia Village
Dangjia VillageWeinan,China

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Xiyue Temple
Xiyue TempleWeinan,China

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Sima Qian Ancestral Hall
Sima Qian Ancestral HallWeinan,China

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Cangjie Muyu Cangjie Temple
Cangjie Muyu Cangjie TempleWeinan,China

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Wang Meng Platform
Wang Meng PlatformWeinan,China

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Shaanxi Pucheng Linzexu Memorial Hall
Shaanxi Pucheng Linzexu Memorial HallWeinan,China

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Weinan Weather

Feb 25, 2021
0 ~ 6
Feb 26, 2021
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Feb 27, 2021
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Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
3 / 6
Mar 1, 2021
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Mar 2, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Weinan
Feb 25, 2021 Weinan Weather:Overcast, Northerly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:99%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:17/18:34
Weinan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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