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Botanical Garden
Xin Botanical GardenNearby City

Xin Botanical Garden

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"Botanical Garden"
"[Sights Raider]: The new botanical garden is located in the southern suburb of Xi'an, covering an area of 650.82mu, more than twice the size of the old botanical garden. The park not only has 11 different kinds of special gardens, but also thousands of special plants! Stop 1: Water View Garden. The water garden of 400 kinds of aquatic plants is located in the entrance of the whole park, the clear water surface, against the beautiful canna, make the whole park look more beautiful. But the most attention in this area is of course "the big sister in the water" Wang Lian. Second stop: Huashan Rock Garden. The modelling of the park is modeled after the miniature landscape of Huashan West Peak, so that you can feel the view of Huashan West Peak. You can also visit the water curtain cave to find out. Third stop: Children's Park. Children's Park has a fairytale world feeling. The children's garden is composed of three senses that need to mobilize the children's vision, tactile sense and taste to feel the natural visual garden, tactile garden and aromatic garden, which can let the children through the color and fragrance, and some interesting plants with numbers, to stimulate the brain to explore and discover. The fourth stop: Silk Road Park. The park with the image of the boat camel of the desert as the carrier, is the most suitable for taking pictures of the park. The fifth stop: Bailu Garden. The garden is composed of peony-led flower gardens, which provide the elevated terrain for peony with wet and dry. The flowers are allegorized around peony, which embodies the noble temperament of the king of flowers. Sixth station: The herb garden. The garden contains the "shady garden" and has a medicinal plant exhibition hall. Seventh station: Qinling Garden. The "ridge" topography as the main design method, highlight Qinling as the geographical boundary line characteristics, reflect the Qinling ridge up and down. In addition to these seven parks, the new botanical gardens have forgotten garden, system garden, rose garden and other special gardens. Detail address: South of South Third Ring Road, west of Changming Road, north of Ring Expressway, east of Gongyuan South Road (Planning Road): Bus 701 to Miujiazhai, get off and go east 1km or take 25, 269, 525, 903, 6th Road, Go to Qujiang Ecological Seafood Pool East 1.8Kilometer Open Time: 8:00-18:00Ticket Price: 10 Yuan Liangdian Features: Autumn Lotus Exhibition, Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition, Luochuan Apple Festival, Douju Competition"