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"It took about 7 hours to go to Huashan. Then I went to Nanfeng. I walked around Nanfeng for about 1 hour and took many pictures. I finally came to the legendary Wulingzhici! The highest point of Nanfeng. We waited for a long time to take a photo with this stone monument. It was our turn. There are a lot of professional cameras here, to charge, 10 yuan a, they also took a ladder to say to tourists to take pictures, just to be able to eliminate better effect, it is not easy to make money! On the South Peak we took a lot of photos, when the people took a lot of pictures, crowded for a long time to queue up. Now it is really not easy to recall, and then see a welcome pine. For the south peak of the long sky path, and the dumplings roll over is also quite dangerous, heart disease or too old or too young are not recommended to go to the long sky path! Also don't go down on a rainy day! Young people try everything but it is also relatively safe, this is my walking guidelines and standards! I can't walk here, just saw a place to eat early and sit. Simple eat a breakfast, a cage bun. Then go out again, what a big wind! What a feeling when you see the clouds blowing away and suddenly see the blue sky! Nima, we are excited, like suddenly in despair see hope! In Nanfeng, can only say that he left too many impressions on me. Here, a little further is the Changkong path, which is charged for another. 30 yuan a person! There is a temple next to it, there is a nun living in it, the nun said, do you want to draw lots for the young man? Also have to charge, because too much walking, I don't like to be fortune-teller, always feel that the future road to grasp, for the long sky path, Angkor down, I quietly watching him above, not because of fear and dare not go down, but too tired, Just like standing there watching the mountain, the clouds! However, after many years on the Internet to see other people's recommendation, said that go to Huashan must go to Changkong path, so a little regret, but! Today, I feel that it's okay, because I am not far from Xi'an, I will not be sure that I went again in the future! Suggestions: You need to go through the South Tianmen to go to the South Peak. The weather will be especially important, so you must have the sun on the South Mountain! Otherwise, you will miss the scenery. Bring more food with you. The food above is more expensive. In addition, Nanshan road is very dangerous, don't bubble! Don't jump too hard!"