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Shaohua Mountain Forest Park

Shaohua Mountain Forest Park

4.1/5689 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Weinan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 3/1-11/30,8:00am-5:30pm;Open from 12/1-2/28,8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"In the high mountains, the sea in the heart, long in the cage, return to nature. Everyone has a mountain and sea in their heart. It is time to free yourself and put down the time constraints. Enjoy a casual trip that says go away 🧳 Long summer vacation can not be lived. It is suitable to go camping. Up high mountains, see Yunjuan Yunshu ☁️ erect a tent. Wangxing Riverside ✨About three or five friends gather together in the same starry sky, cast aside the urban troubles, completely return to nature ⛺️June 26th and August 31st Qinling Mountain, Star-chasing Tour, Shaohua Mountain Fifth Alpine Star Camping Festival and the Second Naliang Water-loving Festival, Two major themes detonate the summer revel 🎉 water 🔫 battle, stone painting, mountain forest secret, parent-child activity, open-air film, romantic starry sky... completely satisfy your heart of mountain play 💓 the beautiful Shaohuashan National Forest Park, is the nearest natural oxygen bar from Xi'an. Yueya Lake, Qianlong Temple scenic area, Shimenxia scenic Longshou Pavilion, strange mountain natural landscape, called the Jiuzhaigou of Shaanxi. Shaohuashan Crescent Lake Water-Friendly Area, the fairy of the mountains and clear waters, seeking the colorful kingdom of the innocence world, stone painted DIY to play the creative Tianmaxing sky 🎨 This summer, the Shaohuashan, looking for the nearest place to the sky, the night sky stars shining, the milky way pours thousands of miles, Far from the city's hustle and glaring lights, complete a star-following trip at the top of Qinling Mountain 🌠Sleeping with the starry sky 🌌Waking up at sunrise 🌄Contract a whole mountain top, camp yourself, poetry and the distance are at your feet, why go far, come to Shaohua Mountain, feel the green Hawaii in the mountains 🏞"