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Things To Do in Wonju

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National Park
吃瓜群众167Pheasant Mountain is designated as a national park by South Korea. It has a history of nearly 20 years, and there is also a mythical story. It covers a large area, with steep terrain, majestic mountains, and beautiful scenery and deep valleys. There are also many temples and famous stone towers on the mountain. The highest peak, Feilu Peak, is the highest peak. There are three stone towers on top. The natural landscape of Chenghuanglin is more beautiful. The scenery changes constantly with the seasons and attracts a large number of tourists every year.
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Outdoor skiing
-宝宝-The large-scale aerial ropeway also provides convenience for skiers. The ski trail that connects to Santai Peak is 1,600m long. In addition, there is an obstacle zone specially prepared for ski fans. Oak Valley Resort also has a series of supporting facilities such as a golf course, sauna, and swimming pool.
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灰姑娘的南瓜车The things in MuseumSAN are very literary and artistic. The whole building is also very modern. There are even some books on display, which is quite interesting.
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Outdoor skiing
艾李李The area of Oli Mountain Resort is quite large. The resorts here are very beautiful. Many holiday activities are very suitable for fun. In winter, you can ski and play on ice. In summer, you can find hot springs here. .
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乐乐嘻嘻哈哈The former residence of the famous Korean writer Park Kyung-ri was later transformed into a theme park. In fact, I personally feel very good. The beautiful environment makes people feel comfortable to rest.
Nearby City
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E33***33in Everland, there are sub areas where you can enjoy thrill rides and rides suitable for kids. do enter the zootopia as it offers an upclose with the animals. the safari ride also allows you to see the wildlife in their natural habitat and their behaviours.

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Oak Valley Snow Park (오크밸리 스키장)Wonju,South Korea

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Oak Valley ResortWonju,South Korea

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Guryongsa TempleWonju,South Korea

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Chiaksan National ParkWonju,South Korea

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Museum SANWonju,South Korea

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Hanji Theme ParkWonju,South Korea

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