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About Wudalianchi

The city of Wudalianchi (“Five Linked Lakes”) is located in the southwest of Heihe City in northwestern Heilongjiang Province. The area is named for its famous five large linked lakes. The Wudalianchi Scenic Area is a famous volcanic tourist site in China. The Wudalianchi Scenic Area consists of the Wudalianchi lakes strung together like pearls, the geological scenery of the surrounding volcanoes, and historical sites. The area shows how ecosystems evolve over time, and it is a fine place to research how species adapt and how biological communities evolve over time. There are also other natural scenic areas like Qingshan ("Green Mountain”) Park and the Erlongshan (“Two Dragon Mountain”) Ecotourism Area.

Popular Attractions in Wudalianchi

Wudalianchi Scenic Area
503 Reviews
Wudalianchi Scenic Area is located in Wudalianchi Town in the north of Heilongjiang Province. There are many volcanoes, which constitute a peculiar volcanic landscape. A large number of lava fields such as rope, twist, and wood row can be seen everywhere in the scenic area. Ascend to the crater to see the whole scenery, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hot spring lake area, see the mossy woods on the ground, and the underground ice cave with icicles in the summer.
Laohei Mountain
301 Reviews
Laohei Mountain, also known as Black Dragon Mountain, commonly known as Xianren Mountain, is a dormant volcano. It is one of the typical volcanoes in Wudalianchi. Due to its typical landforms, the forest is composed of black pumice. The green vegetation in summer and the white snow in winter can't hide its black luster, so it is called Black Dragon Mountain. The surrounding area of ​​Laohei Mountain is a lava platform. Many years ago, when the volcano erupted, the lava went along the white river, forming "Stone Dragon". The stone dragon scene is rare and is a famous landscape of the Laohei Mountain. Looking far away like the waves of the sea, myopia is strange. The strange lava channel and the stalactite in the lava cavity are attached to the walls of the cave. It is a wonder.
Beiyao Spring
105 Reviews
North Spring and South Spring, which are only about 100 meters away from South Spring, echo one of the famous springs in the Wudalianchi cold spring series. It is also another major source of water in the famous Wudalianchi mineral water. A pavilion was built directly above the spring to protect the entire spring. The modern pumping facilities continuously transport the spring water to the mineral water factory, and after special technical treatment, the bottles are shipped.
62 Reviews

Wudalianchi Tours & Tickets

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Wudalianchi Weather

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Trip Moments

Wudalianchi is located in the Heilong Mountain Scenic Area of Heihe River in Heilongjiang Province. It is covered with white snow and silver, and the beauty of Ming Dynasty is not square. Heilongjiang Mountain is an active volcano standing on the black lava. The book "Heilongjiang Foreign Record" in Kangxi Period records: "The southeast of Moergen (now Nenjiang County), the fire broke out in the middle of the day, the stones were soaring, and the sound was so beautiful. The more the number of fires went out, the ground became a pool, the Kangxi fifty-eight years (1719). The eruption formed one of the youngest volcanoes in Wudalianchi, Heilongjiang, also known as Laoheishan, with an altitude of 515.9m. The top of the mountain preserves the most complete and typical volcanic crater in China. There are crust lava, lava, lava cave, lava section, magma spill, and subvolcanic geological relics around the mountain. Walking through the mountains, the coldness of the Northland sets off the silent birch forest, like the fairy in the snow and ice world. The top of the mountain is a unique volcano. It is still standing upright and can be seen from aerial aerial photography. Its not cold to climb a mountain in such a snowy world. This season, Wudalianchi, giving people a shocking shock - the majestic snowfield, the crystal clear birch smog, the snowy ice lake, built the winter's peerless scenery here, every angle, every place Looking back will make people feel excited. The beauty in the snow is always unique, with a vast chill, with a holy Range Rover, giving me a spiritual journey.
Posted: 20 Dec, 2018
The hotel is located on the vast Shilongtai site and consists of a coral pool, a golden sand pool and a jade pond. If it is in the summer, it can be seen that the water is as clear as a mirror. The underwater scenery seems to be heavy and heavy, and some are like peaks. Some are like the golden sand bottom, and some are like coral jade, which is beautiful. Wenbo is a jewel on the volcanic stone dragon. There are three bonsai-style volcanic wonders. The 26 large and small self-springs are more than 1,800 meters in length, featuring two oddities: one is "water" According to the measurement, this is the core area of the magnetic field of Wudalianchi. The volcanic lava flow without explosion is just below Wenbo, which is the most ideal area for environmental magnetic therapy. The second is the cold hot spring, the warm water comes from Underground self-heating hot springs, the water temperature here is kept at around 14 °C for many years, even if the ground temperature is minus 30 °C, the temperature is still hot. Winter's warmth still does not lose its feminine style, it is difficult to cover its gentle feelings, white clouds are steaming like gauze noodles, green grass and green onions such as girls Huaichun, "Wenbo Yun" and " The smog flying flower is the silver satin brocade that she weaved in the cold. The river of temperature sings day and night, singing the carols that belong to the winter. The water mist on the river, the sun is soft in it, the sunrise river, the sunset, the quiet and beautiful beauty is among them.
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