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A super beautiful church was found nearby Wuhan, perfect for a weekend outing. Characteristics: This church was opened in the past two years, so it is relatively small, but not many people know it. Now it has developed into a film and television base, specializing in wedding dresses for newcomers. There is no charge for ordinary people to take photos. There are dressing rooms for newcomers. The grand piano and the white fake flowers are all placed there~ free to shoot anything like a dream! Favorite: It is the glass church, the most beautiful time is May and June! Because the purple verbena outside the grass is full of flowers like lavender, super romantic. Standing in the center of the church, the transparent glass looks over, so beautiful~ Address: (Wuhan Huabohui) Daji Street, Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei. The church is located in a small attraction in Wuhan Huabohui. You can buy the pass for the entire park and you can visit the church for free, as well as other attractions. Group purchase is only 30 HKD! Time: between 8:30 to 18:30 during the day.
Mulan Tianchi
The autumn may have passed, but the autumn wind has brought the most beautiful gift, a beautiful ocean and the perennial warm season herb that blooms into a beautiful pink flower during this season. The sea in Wuhan Mulan Tianchi is beautiful and you can take many beautiful pictures with the blue sea and pink flowers. This pretty flower blooms from September to November. 
Gude Temple
Gude Temple is located at No. 74, Huangpu Road, Hankou, Wuhan, Hubei Province. It was founded by Long Xi in the Qing Dynasty (1877). It is a combination of the three Buddhist monasteries of Mahayana, Xiaocheng and Zangmi. Most notably, the ancient temple preserves the Gothic Christian church, the Roman Catholic church, the Byzantine Orthodox church, and the Islamic-style mosque style. As a distinctive temple, it is a traditional temple with yellow tiles and red columns. All the halls of the place are very different from each other. It is called "the first spectacle of the Han Buddhism Temple" and is rare in the world.
Mimo Chiu
Guishan Park
Guishan is in Wuhan, just like Yuelu Mountain in Changsha. Although the altitude is not high, it has a heavenly view, and it has won the tourists hearts and became a place to be on most of the postcard. Kameyama is located in the center of the city, with the front of the Dajiang River and the Han River in the north. It is opposite to the Snake Mountain and forms a unique landscape of “Guizi Snake Locked River”. It is known as the “Jianghan Gateway”. Since ancient times, Kameyama has been a battleground for military strategists. During the Three Kingdoms, Dongwu set up a fortress here, and several battles with Cao Bing; Taiping Army three times Wuchang, opened the battlefield in Guishan; the Yangxia battle after the Xinhai Shouyi, the Rebels were also the first to control Guishan; during the Anti-Japanese War, The mountain played as a great example, and it has opened the prelude to a protracted war. Today, the turtle mountain is full of greenery and fog and has become a famous tourist attraction, including Guanwang Temple, Zangma Cave, Sharpening Stone, Taiping Xingguo Temple, and Guiyue Pavilion. Stone, Miaowang Palace, Yueshu Pavilion, Taohua Cave Luohan Temple, Longxiang Temple, Lusu Tomb, Xiangshi Martyrs Cemetery and Red Warrior Cemetery, etc., are one of the three mountains with many scenic spots in Wuhan.
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is located between the Snake Mountain in Wuchang District of Wuhan City and the Guishan Mountain in Hanyang, Hubei Province. It is the first bridge on the Yangtze River and the first public railway bridge built on the Yangtze River after the founding of New China. It is also known as the first bridge of the Yangtze River. At the beginning of the completion of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, it became the landmark building of Wuhan. Every summer, Wuhan people and tourists like to come to the Yangtze River to see the night. Although it is a landmark in the city, it has become one of the must-see sights for Wuhan tourism.
East Lake
Donghu Fengguang Village is known as the “Rio de Janeiro” of Wuhan. Some people say that people living in the beautiful village look at the sea every day. In the dark, they can hear the sound of the fish caught in the night. They can sit on the dilapidated roof and look into the distance during the day, as if they live in the harbor of the sea. It was originally a small dock and later became a fishing village.  With the development of tourism in Donghu, people living here began to engage in activities such as cruises, catering, and rental of houses. The identity of the small fishing village was transformed into “Rio de Janeiro” of Wuhan. From the color of the boats on the lake to the painting of the walls of the fishing village, the exaggerated and rich color collisions are eye-catching, and give the illusion of an oil painting. But unfortunately, it is being demolished here. I want to see the "Rio de Janeiro" of Wuhan, so I have come early.
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