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Tangquan Pool

Tangquan PoolNearby City

4.6/540 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2 reviews
Hot Spring
Tangquan Pool in Shangcheng County leans against the green Dalei Mountain. It borders with the rippling Wenquan Lake (Nianyu Mountain Reservoir) on the west, integrating mountains, water and springs. Tangquan Pool has picturesque landscape and pleasant climate. In addition to hot springs for bathings, there are also many natural and cultural landscapes available for tourists. Li Zhi Pavilion was built in the scenic area to remember Li Zhi, a thinker and litterateur in the Ming Dynasty. Tourists can row on the lake to enjoy the green mountains and glittering water.
Xihai Hot Spring Resort

Xihai Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.6/5302 Reviews
Hot Spring
Xihai Hot Spring Resort is located in Yijiahe Village in Yunju Mountain-Tuolin Lake Scenic Area. Yunju Mountain is surrounded by the clouds year round, like a mystical fairyland. Tuolin Lake is crystal clear, where visitors can see to the bottom. The beautiful and Zen-like Xihai Hot Spring Resort is not only a hot spring bathing center, but also offers a variety of accommodations, such as five-star hotels, luxury villas and exquisite apartments, allowing visitors to become fully immersed in nature.
Doushahe Hot Spring Town Yuxiangquan

Doushahe Hot Spring Town YuxiangquanNearby City

4.6/518 Reviews
Hot Spring
Doushahe Hot Spring Town Yuxiangquan is in Huoshan County Lu'an City. Yuxiangquan is a hot spring center. It is divided into eight distinct cultural areas, with indoor and outdoor pools. An outdoor bubble pool was built along the mountainside, and the mountain space is integrated into the spa so that the hot spring pool blends with the mountain view. In this hot spring, you get closer to nature and tranquility.
Lushan Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

Lushan Tianmu Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.6/5478 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Lushan Tianmu Hot Spring Resort is adjacent to Tao Village and is a legendary hot spring center in the area. The architecture of the resort is designed in the Jiangnan garden style with a beautiful environment. The spring pools are very close to each other and are surrounded by televisions. The resort provides self-serving ginger tea and hot, sour plum soup. The second floor of the hot spring resort is a designated relaxation area. In the summer, the water park is open for guests. Visitors can also visit the Ancestral Home of Tao Yuanming and Drunken Stone Creek, which are located in the area.
Nü'erguo Hot Spring

Nü'erguo Hot SpringNearby City

4.4/588 Reviews
Hot Spring
Formed during a volcanic eruption 900 million years ago, Nü'erguo Hot Spring was composed of nine theme parks such as the hot spring park, water amusement park, animal performance park, military training park, farming experience park, race course, golf course, off-race racing field and ski and grass skating field. Sitting in Dahong Mountain, Nü'erguo Hot Spring is backed by breathtaking and pleasant mountains and rivers there, shaping beautiful scenery.
Tangli Forest Hot Spring Resort

Tangli Forest Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.4/539 Reviews
Hot Spring
Tangli Forest Hot Spring Resort is located in Daduan Town of Tonggu County on the border with Hunan province and Jiangxi province. This scenic spot has everything you need and is perfect for leisure activities, healthcare treatments, hot spring bathing and summer vacations. With comprehensive facilities, the resort offers leisure activities such as the visitor center, the leisure and entertainment street, Haoyu Mountain Villa and Xinyu Mountain Villa. It is an excellent place to enjoy vacations and leisure activities.
Tianyuewan Hot Spring

Tianyuewan Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/5379 Reviews
Hot Spring
Tianyuewan Hot Spring is located in Tangchi in Yuexi County, in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain. According to the inscriptions from the Ming Dynasty, it can be called one of the four famous historical springs in China, comparable with historical famous springs such as Huaqing Pool in Xi'an. Because the Chinese Zen Buddhist Master Hui Ke's dojo is located in Yuexi County, the sacred spring blesses people's well-being, as people form the base of a nation's well-being. Therefore, Tianyuewan Spring was conceptualized based on this Zen tenet.
Jiuling Forest Hot Spring Resort

Jiuling Forest Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.8/5231 Reviews
Hot Spring
Jiuling Forest Hot Spring Resort is located in the beautiful and scenic Chengzhong Garden of Jing'an County. “Hot spring within a forest within a village within a city” is a major feature of Jiuling Hot Spring. The hot springs are divided into indoor and outdoor hot springs, combined with different types of hot spring pools of different sizes to meet the individual needs of every visitor. Pools are integrated with the natural environment. Hidden in nature, next to bushes of flowers, these hot springs are a luxurious experience to be had.
Dabie Mountain Resort

Dabie Mountain ResortNearby City

4.2/513 Reviews
Huoshan Mountain Hot Springs

Huoshan Mountain Hot SpringsNearby City

4.3/54 Reviews
Hot Spring
Huoshan Mountain Hot Springs (霍山伴山温泉) act as the center of a hot spring town, with eight cultural theme areas and dozens of indoor and outdoor hot spring pools that can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. The outdoor spa pools are built along the mountains, and the original mountain space is used for reprocessing so that the pools and mountain landscape become a whole and tourists feel closer to nature. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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