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Donglin Academy
Its another year when the spring in the south of the Yangtze River is warming up, whether it is a flower cluster, a small bridge running water or a pavilion, the ancient rhyme element of the flying rafter Jiangnan always has so many suitable for Hanfu. Chic small scene. The place recommended for everyone today is not far from tourists. That is the Donglin Academy in Wuxi City. 1 Makeup and hair accessories antique style creation, makeup should be as clean as possible, not too thick, make a good foundation, a little blush and eye shadow can show warm and fresh, Hair style may be a little troublesome, I can't quite get it. We were looking for a make-up teacher in the local area to send the hair 2 / an antique fan is a good hand-made props, Covering half of the face, meditation on the chin, etc., may make you look unpretentious, but the most important thing is the gesture. Regardless of the props or sleeves, remember to use orchids. 3How do photographers take pictures outdoor scenes suggest that telephoto can be used to make the effect of the peas swaying and catching up more naturally. If it is indoors, the focus is 50mm. If you get enough light on your face, it will make the beans look very transparent. 4 How to choose the scene In fact, the composition of many small scenes is enough, such as a plum tree, a pavilion, In front of a wall with an ancient hand-painted wall, or even a wooden lattice-shaped door, the simpler the picture and background, the more elegant and lingering the picture. Sujia Lane, No.867 Jiefang East Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City Tickets: 5 yuan/person
Wuxi Changguangxi National Wetland Park
Rose flower open private secret recommendation ~ girls go to take a photo! In the season of rose blossoms in May, the powdered rose is very suitable for girls to take a fresh photo. This time I open my private Wuxi is suitable for shooting secret photos of roses. First of all, Changguangxi Park, the roses are very dense and very suitable for the girls to play at will. There is also a rose flower wall on the Taihu levee, which is a few kilometers of rose flowers, which is very suitable for shooting photos. shooting time is actually recommended to start in the morning, people will be less, when I go is about 10 o'clock, not too many people. Note that at this time the sun is the top light, it is recommended to choose the appropriate soft light equipment, I use the soft light board in the reflector. It is recommended that the costumes should not be too flowery, solid color-based, elegant skirts are the best, length can be, long skirts, if you want to shoot a little sexy, bare legs, you can look like Figure 1. Picking up the skirt is a little ok~ Some Miss sisters brought some props, such as flower baskets, as well as drawing boards, transparent umbrellas, hats and the like. When taking pictures, some places will have some fences, wooden doors and anything, you can shoot some. A few suggestions about taking pictures, the best photos taken at multiple angles, front, side, close-up, half-length, whole body, and long-distance, half-face can also be taken. The most important thing is not to give up some photos easily. It may be a simple modification such as cutting, rotation, deformation, and perspective. A photo that is not very good may surprise you. Finally, I hope that the little fairies can take the most satisfying soap tablets~
In this spring season, walking in the depths of the flowery sea on the banks of Taihu Lake and Wuxi Kowloon Bay, the breeze bursts with flowers, the fingers lick the dew on the delicate petals, and the ears are the birds singing. The audio-visual scent, the five senses are full of four, oh, still bad taste, how can you wrap this colorful purple in the belly? Of course, if you eat raw petals, forget it. , I saw a white walled building in the depths of Huayin, inside is the Kowloon Bay Flower Theme Hotel, there is a flower garden restaurant in the hotel, calling for companions to go, deep in the sea of flowers, Take flowers as the medium, and drink with this brilliant spring, not too fast! There are no tin dishes, Sichuan cuisine and a little western food on the menu. On the side of the 800-mile Taihu Lake, among the two thousand acres of flowers, it is natural to taste the local specialties. Sure enough, I found the food, the rose broccoli and the azalea sponge cake on the menu. Qingtuan is the homesickness of the spring and winter of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Whenever the Qingming Festival, the countryside side is the wormwood that can be seen everywhere, and the best destination of each green wormwood is as described by Yuan Mei in the "Garden Food List": the grass is juice, and Powder for the group, the color is like jasper. In the eyes of the older generation of Jiangnan people, the green and soft skin, the light but long grassy aroma, the first thing to do is to "taste the spring."
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