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旧厂房的建筑总是容易产生肃穆的压抑感,抑或是历史的沉重感。这间火锅店,倒是没有这样的不适,装修依旧延续大华的风格,旧工厂的裸砖墙,没有过多的粉刷装饰。同时,搭配上特色的手绘墙画,复古的悬灯,植被装饰,昏黄的灯光搭配上悠扬的驻唱音乐,活力十足。入座后,端来茶水,看茶叶在杯中起伏,稍等片刻,便上菜了,效率很快。 #鸳鸯锅底# 如果能吃辣,不妨挑战下全麻辣的矿牛油锅,感受嘴唇上下起舞,体验麻味在舌尖的旋转跳跃,想来也是够劲过瘾,总要为这个雾霾的寒冬寻些刺激,添些乐趣。鸳鸯锅跟矿牛油锅的价格是一样的78元,可以选择辣味程度。锅底热的快,看着辣椒花椒上下沉浮,火红的热汤咕噜咕噜冒着泡,飘香的牛油夹杂花椒味,香而不呛,真是让人食欲大开,视觉嗅觉双重享受。好的锅底,就是直接涮菜入口,不需蘸料的晕染,原汁原味,却已然够味。 #精品肥牛王# 肥牛和羊羔肉绝对是火锅的绝配,没有它们,总觉得火锅吃起来也少了尽兴,空虚感就会趁虚而入。估计也是对肥牛羊羔肉爱的如此深沉,才会让我沉迷红油火锅,无法自拔。夹片肥瘦相间的肥牛,涮煮翻转,居高临下,虎视眈眈着沸腾锅中的牛肉片,一变为熟色,便迅速起筷,吹上几下,不经蘸料,直接入口,锅底的香麻味沁透牛肉,回味无穷。一片怎够味,再下一片,夹起微吹,递入口中,真是叫人欲罢不能。 #蔬菜# 蔬菜,按照喜好选择了个人最爱的火锅标配:土豆红薯豆腐皮,同样放入辣锅,慢火煮沸,留它们足够的时间,来吸收汤汁的精华。添了份秘制鹌鹑蛋,有着火锅店难寻的精致摆盘,已为熟食,可直接使用,冰冰凉凉,倒是很好的解了辣,也可以放入锅中微煮。
Posted: 21 Nov, 2018
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Xingqing Palace Park
In the east of Xi'an, the Xingqing Palace Park opposite Jiaotong University is well known among the people of Xi'an. During the Tang Dynasty, Xingging Palace was one of the three major palaces of Chang'an, along with the Taiji Palace and Daming Palace. Today's Xingqing Palace Park was built on the site of the original Xingqing Palace. There are tall buildings such as Longtang, Changqingxuan, Shenxiang Pavilion, Huayuan Xianghui Building and Qinzheng Office. It is surrounded by Longchi, clean and beautiful. I remember when I was a child, I lived nearby. The most popular place to visit is Xingqing Park. For decades, there seems to be no major change here. It stands quietly in the corner of Chang'an City.
Fortifications of Xi'an
Xi'an City Wall, also known as Xi'an Ming City Wall, is the largest and most preserved ancient city in China. There are four main gates of Xi'an City Wall: Changle Gate (East Gate), Yongning Gate (South Gate), Anding Gate (West Gate), and Anyuan Gate (North Gate). These four gates are also the original gates of the ancient city. Since the beginning of the Republic of China, a number of city gates have been newly opened for the convenience of access to the ancient city. So far, there are 18 gates in Xi'an City Wall. In order to preserve the beauty of China, Xi'an City Wall Scenic Spot specially launched the "Tangfeng Hanyun·Huafu Courtesy" Xi'an City Wall Huafu Cultural Season. During this period, citizens and tourists wearing Chinese clothes visit the scenic spots and can apply for the free admission experience with the resident ID card (or relevant identification) at each gate of Xi'an City Wall.
Coco Wang
Huaqing Pool
The reason why the hot springs of Huaqing Palace attracted the emperors of the past is because Lushan is a dormant volcano, and the water flowing through it is heated to a constant temperature of 43 degrees. The hot spring water here is rich in minerals. At present, the "Lotus Soup" and "Haiyan Soup" used by Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, and the "Xingchen Soup" used by Tang Taizong and the five royal Tangchi sites such as "Taizi Tang" and "Shangshitang" are cleaned up.
Tang Dynasty Furong Garden
Datang Furong Garden is located in the Qujiang Development Zone in the south of Xi'an City, on the southeast side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It was rebuilt in the north of the original Tang Dynasty Furong Garden ruins, and modelled after the royal garden style of the Tang Dynasty. This large royal garden-style cultural theme park is the first comprehensive showcase of the Tang Dynasty in China. There are many antique buildings such as Ziyun Building, Ladies' House, Royal Banquet Palace, Xingyuan Garden, Fanglin Garden, Fengming Jiutian Theater and Tang City. These scenic spots are mainly built on Furong Lake and are distributed around Furong Lake. Ziyun Building is the centre of the entire attraction. It is the largest imitation of the Tang Dynasty royal buildings in China.
Coco Wang
The evaluation of this store is uneven and far from the same. Rarely come to Xiaozhai SEG, although the food is good, but the queue is boring and boring, so there are few opportunities to pull the grass here. Defa's dumplings were not delicious, so they only ate a little. After visiting the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the evening, they were hungry as expected. This is very close to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It is directly driven by car. It takes 5 minutes to drive and parking is very convenient. The shopping mall has parking lot, 3 yuan an hour. This store is on the 7th floor of SEG. The location is very good. The focus is on the name of the domineering, eating the emperor, people can't help but explore. The decoration of the shop is still very much like, antique, especially as a family of love lights, their home lighting is very interesting, exotic style comes oncoming. Their 10th store closed, and they came over before the shop was smashed. There were only a few tables in the store. The problem of the smell of smoke and smoke before the evaluation was not met, and the overall feeling was not bad. Many people recommend this dessert, it will be decisive, a crystal clear powder full of a large tub, sprinkled with glutinous rice balls, peanuts, clams, in the shower Seasoned with sweet sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus juice, it is decorated with a mint leaf, and the high-value dessert is presented immediately to satisfy the visual taste. It is entirely because of the meal of the value point, the tofu meatball must be eaten hot, licking the sauce, the taste is ok. Signboard Lake made with the soup of the lake, you can pull out the soft, soft taste of the silk, slightly spicy to eat. Chili fried meat Needless to say about the love of this dish, the next meal of the lever, you can have a stir-fry with the old godmother. The pepper is stir-fried, that is, the meat is somewhat fat, and it will be better to lose weight.
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