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In the east of Xi'an, the Xingqing Palace Park opposite Jiaotong University is well known among the people of Xi'an. During the Tang Dynasty, Xingging Palace was one of the three major palaces of Chang'an, along with the Taiji Palace and Daming Palace. Today's Xingqing Palace Park was built on the site of the original Xingqing Palace. There are tall buildings such as Longtang, Changqingxuan, Shenxiang Pavilion, Huayuan Xianghui Building and Qinzheng Office. It is surrounded by Longchi, clean and beautiful. I remember when I was a child, I lived nearby. The most popular place to visit is Xingqing Park. For decades, there seems to be no major change here. It stands quietly in the corner of Chang'an City.
Posted: 7 Aug, 2019
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Xi'an B&B|The most beautiful and most designer designer B&B collection store Last time and the strange geek shop, the blame always accidentally mentioned a hotel I have not heard before, I look at the picture, OMG really It was too beautiful, so I finished this time, I decided to go to a card, just recently Xi'an hot, to hide in the house for two days, do not go out to hide a cool enough to be comfortable. I dragged my little blue gotrip weekend walk into the home for 2 months. #() Art Aesthetics Design Space Enter this home When you go to the hotel, you will think that you have entered a modern design art gallery. The design of various geometric shapes is combined with different light-colored walls. The high-quality duck is full of natural light. The natural light on the sunny day can pass through the transparent glass of various shapes on the roof. The design is refracted indoors, changing shape over time, super beautiful. Who can think of an old family house that has such a design house, and it is not abrupt to see from the outside and the surrounding environment. In fact, it is another world. The B&B was originally a Soviet-style old factory. After being abandoned, after a few entrepreneurial designers have ingeniously transformed to create such a great homestay, innovation and respect for the old buildings, some old architectural elements such as the steel structure of the roof, wooden beams are preserved, simply It is a dialogue between new and old time and space. Living in such a building will probably remind people of the memories of the market. Functional area Three-storey building contains 29 different low-saturated room-type B&Bs, coffee and light dining areas, bar area, small auditorium and multi-function bar. Super high value room The name of each room is very literary, wind, Beidou, Xuelin, Pinellia, Luming, Xingjian, Yunjie, Wenze, Kaoru , mint, blue, white, green, fog, see sunny, Hoshino, illusion, know more, Miscanthus, Shanwei, Baiyu, etc., 29 rooms, different design, color is also different The low saturation color, full of ins wind, suitable for portraits of large haha. Transportation location is located in a nearby coal-powered home in the southwest exit of Hepingmen Station on Metro Line 4, which is very convenient. It is very close to the city wall and the nearby supermarkets. Shooting tips!! There are often people who like to take pictures to get a card, but if you dont stay with a professional large-scale SLR device, you have to charge the venue for shooting, so you dont bother other guests and guests. If you come to eat an afternoon tea mobile phone pat is no problem. "Summer men wear" Cremieux Hollister Lacoste Room price: 500~1000 per night, price varies Booking method Trip's one-night designer collection
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