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South Wutai

South Wutai

4.4/5441 Reviews
Open from 03/01-11/30,9:00am-5:30pm;Open from 12/1-2/28,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"South Wutai scenic spot is 25 kilometers south of Xi'an City, because there are cool, Wenshu, Shesheng, Lingying, Guanyin five stations, that is, the five small peaks on the mountain, so it is called Wutai Mountain. Also because it is located in the south of Wutai Mountain (Yaowang Mountain), Tongchuan, it is called South Wutai. Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, climbed this mountain and wrote a famous poem, "Towards the Kannontai Looking Forward City". Hundreds of homes are like weiqi qi, twelve streets are like vegetables. Recognize a small into the morning fire, a star in the west of five gates. South five stations in the high season 45. Private cars can not enter the scenic spot. The parking lot can be 10 yuan for 8 hours. You can also park in the farmer's home. It is also 10 yuan but not limited to time. There is no sun in the courtyard. There are ten kilometers of mountain roads in the scenic spot that need to take the scenic car and 20 single trip. Jingjiao bus can choose by itself, but the mountain road is very long and there is not too much scenery on the road, it is recommended to return and return. Jingjiao bus takes about 20 minutes to reach the mountainside, then officially started climbing, most of them are stairs, stairs to suffocation, climb to despair. Trees are dense, staircases are steep, and there are a few small temples with no special features along the way. I feel that tickets are not worth it. But I walked all the way to the Guanyintai, where the sun was directly shining on me, and a scorching heat struck, and the view was immediately opened. At this time, I feel what is the great beauty of the Qinling Mountain, know why the Qinling Mountain poets. Look at the distant scenery, stir a thousand feelings in the chest, just want to Fu poem to express the heart of joy, but after saying "I X, too beautiful", you can continue to go to other small peaks. At this time, the road is not before all climbing stairs, basically is some of the road, the scenery on the road, walk up not tired. Wenshutai, the balcony, these two can not go up the small peak. The height of the three-story climbing on the side of the road is Wenshutai, a small temple, the viewing effect is not too prominent. Walking along the road not far away, and climbing two floors of the height is a balcony, this is simpler, just a small pavilion. After these two small peaks, walk again about 15 minutes is the largest Ling Ying platform, there are three-story temples above, can climb the spiral staircase to the highest point, the viewing effect is absolutely. 360 degree panorama, you can see the layers of the emerald Qinling Mountains, large and pure white clouds in as if you can reach the place. Standing at the top of the view, the scenery in front of the smooth climbing all the hard work, suddenly feel that this journey, worth it! South Wutai and Cuihua Mountain is very close, is the same as the Zhongnan Mountains. Cuihua Mountain entertainment projects, similar to zipline cruise boats, the mountain is relatively good to climb. The mountain due to water scenery, plus a splendid water on the mountain to appear more charming Cuihua Mountain. There are no entertainment items in South Wutai and there are many stairs, but the scenery after the poor summit is great value for money. Overall, both mountains are worth the climb. Life is like climbing mountains, you don't know what is ahead, you can only climb with your head down. The scenery at the top will make you happy or disappoint."
Qinglong Temple

Qinglong Temple

4.5/5553 Reviews
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Ranked #3 in Xi'an Important Religious Institutions
Open from 8:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Qinglong Temple is located in the southeastern part of Xi'an, the ancestral family of Buddhism Esoteric Buddhism. In ancient times, the residence of Tang Huiguo Master, the Japanese Air Sea Master Huiguo Master here, and later returned to Japan to create the Japanese Shingon sect. The tour of Qinglong Temple has three interesting: one, the end of the Buddhist. The main part of Qinglong Temple is divided into two parts, "Huiguo, Kuhai Memorial Hall", Qinglong Temple excavated cultural relics exhibition, can help you to understand the life of Huiguo Master, Kuhai Hoshi and Buddhist thought, the Qinglong Temple's inherited, structure layout. Step into the temple please incense, the east side of the hall of the wall more detailed understanding of the Buddhism Esoteric part of the teaching, suitable for empty-minded study. The second, to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Every March and April, the cherry blossoms bloom, a dream back to the Great Tang. The third, to climb high and look far. Leyou original high terrain, wide view, in ancient times can see the end of the south mountain, now can only see the west in the towers towering in between. Wang Wei, Li Shangyin and other driving high, leaving a long-time famous sentence, such as Li Shangyin's "Deng Le You Yuan", "The sunset is infinite good, just near dusk" no wonder some Japanese friends come to admire the name of just to shoot the Yue Yu Photo. Huiguo, the empty sea memorial hall in the poetry corridor is the eggs, not only Wang Wei, Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, Yudi's good works, but also the same door to the empty sea to return to the day of the reluctant, also has a Buddhist Association President Mr. Zhao Puchu poem, a good sentence "See the time when the law, nectar protect Sun Chi." More details, even a sunny bench, are worth discovering, worth spending time."