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Top Things to do In Xiahe 2020



15 things to do found in Xiahe
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Baiyun Ecological Garden

Baiyun Ecological Garden

5/52 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
Open from 8:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"White clouds Ecological Garden, white clouds, shade trees. Food is delicious."
Hezuo Forest Park

Hezuo Forest ParkNearby City

3.9/529 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
"Hezuo Forest Park is located in the southern suburbs of Hezuo City, Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province, beside Xuhe Highway. It is 2 kilometers away from Hezuo City, 280 kilometers away from Lanzhou, an important town in the northwest, with an altitude of 2960m and covers an area of more than 8,800 acres. It is located in Labrang Temple-Hezuo Forest Park-Zecha Stone Forest-Gahai Migratory Bird Reserve-Huanglong Temple-Jiuzhaigou This is regarded as the most economical and most appreciated gold tourist route."
Lanzhou Ocean World

Lanzhou Ocean WorldNearby City

4.3/5803 Reviews
Open from 01/01-07/02,9:00am-5:30pm;Open from 07/03-08/31,9:30am-8:30pm;Open from 09/01-12/31,9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"It’s the first time I went with a friend, I feel very good, and there is free photo printing, it is worth recommending, my Lanzhou is perfect, lovely sea lions, beautiful mermaids, very impressive"
Waterwheel Expo Park

Waterwheel Expo ParkNearby City

4.4/5658 Reviews
"Theme Park"
8:00-22:00 (Local time)
"This expo park was amazing! We visited in June and the park had an event. We loved our experience there! "
Western Paradise

Western ParadiseNearby City

3.9/5210 Reviews
"Amusement Park"
Monday-Friday: 9:30-18:00, Saturday and Sunday: 9:30-18:00; June 1st (May 31-June 2) 9:30-19:00; National Day Festival (October 1 - October 7) 9:00-19:00; Summer vacation (July 1 - August 31) 9:00-19:00. (Local time)
"The playground built by the villagers of Matan Village. After all, there are no playgrounds in Lanzhou. One of them is not bad. The venue is large, but the passenger flow is unstable, and the ticket price is soaring. I feel that there are fewer and fewer tourists now. It's gone"
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wild Zoo

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wild ZooNearby City

4.5/5985 Reviews
Open from 8:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"🦁Xining Wildlife Park, also known as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park, is the only large-scale comprehensive wildlife park on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the highest altitude 🦁💯 to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park, must see the snow leopard (Figure 6) and the rabbit (Figure 19), which is the only wildlife park in the country to see the rabbit cockroach 💯💫 Xining Wildlife Park has the largest artificial breeding population of snow leopard in the country, the largest artificial breeding population of black-necked crane and the only artificial breeding population of the world's prairie falcon 💫🌟 bright spot feature: 🐆 snow leopard (Figure 6) 🐆 snow leopard is a typical alpine animal. They live in the open rocky area of the high mountain at 2500-6000 meters above sea level, with vertical migration. They live in the lower altitude in winter and move to the higher altitude in summer. They live in the rock seams, they are alone, often in the daytime, especially in the morning and afternoon, and they are quick to move. The star animal in the Snow Leopard is listed as the national first-class protected animal 🐆✨ Rabbit Eel (Figure 19) ✨ Scenic Area is the Rabbit Eel. Don't look at it with its sprouty appearance, but it is a dangerous predator in nature. Rabbit Eel lives in desert, grassland or Gobi area and can adapt to cold and barren environments. "Often inhabited alone in rocky seams, and in mountainous areas with a height of about 4500 meters above sea level, the temperature is relatively low, so the hair is thicker, the look of the milk is fierce, the appearance of the hair is fierce and cute, and the life habit of the rabbit is to lie in the night, and it is easier to see in the morning." Usually, it still needs luck. Rabbit cockroaches are listed as the national second-class protected animals ✨🔆 Pu'eryuan cockroaches (Figure 15) 🔆 Pu'eryuan cockroaches with brownish-brown body, white eclipse, male only with angles, angles pointed toward each other, perched in the mountain basin and the semi-desert area around the lake, with several or dozens of heads as a group. Winter often forms a large group, eating the sedge, grasshopper and other sandy plants, which are only distributed in Qinghai Province, the number has been very rare, Pu'eryuan is listed as the national first-class protection animals 🔆📍 Detail Address: No. 9 Xingzhi Road, Chengxi District, Xining City, Qinghai Province 🕙 Business hours: Summer 8:30-18:00 Winter 9:00-17:30"
Lanzhou Water Park Dinosaur

Lanzhou Water Park DinosaurNearby City

4.4/5369 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"For people living in inland cities like Lanzhou, they yearn for the sea very much, and children naturally like to play in the water. The Western Dinosaur Water Park makes the sea no longer far away, and children can play in the water as much as they want and enjoy themselves at home. Our family of four bought the 2 big and 1 small family set meal, which is more cost-effective. The park has complete facilities, cleanliness, and reminds friends that you cannot bring drinks and food into the park. There are also meals in the park, which is a bit expensive but acceptable and tastes good. Not bad. Ctrip booking and scanning the code to enter the park is quick and convenient."
Lanzhou Botanical Garden

Lanzhou Botanical GardenNearby City

4.3/597 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
"The current Anning Botanical Garden is not what it used to be. It is already very tall. I think that when the garden was built, a small area was opened around an artificial lake, and there were several villagers living there. Now the expansion is so large that you can't get out of it if you don't pay attention. It is said that the second phase of the Botanical Garden will be completed soon, and I look forward to it."
Qinghai Science & Technology Museum

Qinghai Science & Technology MuseumNearby City

4.6/593 Reviews
"Science & Technology Museum"
"Xining has many new streets, which are very beautiful. There are many children in front of them, and the decoration is very modern. There is a building outside that seems to be full of solar panels. A good place to benefit future generations and educate the next generation! The service staff are very enthusiastic."
Xining Botanical Garden

Xining Botanical GardenNearby City

4.4/544 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5 reviews
"Botanical Garden"
Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The Xining Botanical Garden is located in the mountains in the south of the city, with a beautiful environment, green and dripping, swimming in it, drunk in the forest. In the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau there is a taste of Hannan gardens. It is: red, white, purple and blue all over the show, dense forest lush road faint. Another scene through the corridors and the courtyard, the Qingtang was made Suzhou." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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