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About Xiamen

Xiamen is a city well suited for walking, becoming lost in thought and basking in the sun. It has become a haven for creative, artistic people and those who want to live a more relaxed life. This “garden on the sea” has the unique feel of a hometown for Chinese living abroad. There is delicious seafood and Fujian cuisine all around, and the exotic architecture of Xiamen gives it a distinct character. Xiamen's scenic spots are mainly concentrated in the southern part of the main island and on Gulangyu Island. You can go to Huandao Road and go for a bike ride in the refreshing ocean breeze, or go to Xiamen University to relive the old campus life. You can also visit pedestrian-only Gulangyu to get a taste of the artist's life.

Popular Attractions in Xiamen

Gulangyu Island
38,288 Reviews
Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Gulangyu Island is a tiny island located on the estuary of the Chiu-lung River, facing the city of Xiamen. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site that used to be an important window for Sino-foreign exchanges during the 19th and 20th century. The island is a popular attraction for architecture enthusiasts, providing a mixture of different architectural styles including Traditional Southern Fujian Style, Western Classical Revival Style and Veranda Colonial Style. You can hike up the Sun Rock to overlook the whole island, take a walk in the Shuzhuang Garden (including the Piano Museum) which is one of the finest Jiangnan classical gardens, visit the Hao Yue Garden containing architectures from the Ming Dynasty (including a statue of national hero Zheng Chenggong), the organ museum, and the international letter carving art museum. Don't forget to send yourself a postcard from the future at local stores!
Xiamen University
11,967 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Xiamen University is one of China's most beautiful universities. Situated at the foot of green hills and facing the blue ocean, one can have an incredible view of the ocean from the dormitory windows. At the campus, whether you are taking a stroll or reading a book, you will definitely be filled with peace and contentment. The architectural styles of the buildings on campus blend both eastern and western elements, drawing many visitors each day due to their fame. The campus has its share of romantic and tranquil sites, including Furong Lake, Furong Tunnel, and the Lover Valley Reservoir. Newly weds often choose to take their wedding photographs on the beach just off campus.
Hulishan Fort
9,285 Reviews
Historical Site
Xiamen Hulishan Fortress Scenic Spot was built in Qing Dynasty, Guangxu Reign, 20th Year. The fort is located at the outskirts in Xiamen's southeastern end. The geographical location is very important. Hulishan Fortress is a product of the Westernization Movement of China. It is the "world's oldest 19th-century coast gun that is still preserved at its original site" and was listed in the 2000 World's Guinness Book of Records. At 10:00 and 16:00 daily, there are performances by the guards at the Hulishan Fortress.
Huandao Road
6,045 Reviews
City Tour
Featured Neighbourhood
Huandao Road is a scenic tour route in Xiamen around the sea. It includes major attractions such as the ferry point, Baicheng overpass, Baicheng Beach of Xiamen University, Hulishan Fort, Yefeng Village, and the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Huandao Road is ideal for cycling. Along the road, there are facilities such as Yefeng Village, Wanyue Hill, Shuxing Park, and Haiyun Gazebo. They link together to form a belt of engaging and colorful coastal attractions that illustrate the relaxing and best side of Xiamen.

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Trip Moments

Zeng Yi is the most lively street in Xiamen outside of Gulangyu. It is said to be a Linhai fishing village. Later, family hotels and art shops flourished. You can take a walk along the seaside trail to Baicheng Beach. The environment is electric, so the number of tourists now has grown in Gulangyu. However, relatively speaking, it is still much quieter than Gulangyu, and the tourists are mostly young people. The tourists here are mainly young couples looking for a quiet and beautiful getaway. Delicious tea and noodles are served in small and exquisite stores around in the fishing village. The location is also very good, out of the village, beautiful scenic views through the coastal road and the long beach trails on the beach, it feels very good to go for a walk here anytime in the evening.
Posted: 24 Dec, 2018
The most well-known “Furong Lake” of Xiamen University is located in the centre of the old campus of Xiamen University. It is the crowning glory of the entire campus. The name of Furong Lake is the same as that of the Furong Building in the surrounding area. The hometown of Li Guangqian is Nan'an Furong Township.  Li Guangqian has made significant contributions to the campus construction of Xiamen University. The Xiamen University has a lake, a dense woodland, and buildings hidden in the green leaves. 
Posted: 29 Dec, 2018
Gulangyu is a golden business card for Xiamen tourism. Now it is a world cultural heritage. When you come to Xiamen, how can you not come here? Gulangyu itself is not big, but the road twists and turns. You can always find surprises. The favourite place for most is Sunlight Rock. You can see the whole Gulangyu Island from here. The scenery is the most beautiful place in Xiamen. The red house of Gulangyu Island represents the imprint of the times and the charm of the world cultural heritage. This is an old classic building. 
Posted: 20 Dec, 2018
It is said that Xiamen's high-tech park does not seem to be favored by travel enthusiasts. Most people just know that this is a high-rise office area, and most of them are IT workers. As everyone knows, there is a super beautiful Lingyun jade building. I can find this place, and it is also a local friend from Xiamen who took me there. Yao Chi Stage is a place full of fairy tales! Here, the "Qiong Yuyu" in the dream of the ancients is completely presented. When you see it, you will be like me, be fascinated by the moment, and then unconsciously exclaim. You will find that the jade is jade, the jade is sitting, and the jade is also touched. My biggest feeling at the time was "boss, heroic!" During the day, this is a secret garden with dense bamboo, glass stage and jade seats. It is crystal clear and very valuable for every step. Look like. Taking photos here will definitely bring your own scent. Practical information: Tickets: Currently no tickets are accepted Address: Lingyun Jade Building, Wuyuan Bay High-tech Park, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian Province Transport: Bus 78, 312, 990 can be reached You can also travel by car. Others: 1, DIY corresponding fee: Children's DIY is about 100 yuan, it can be enough for children to play an afternoon; adult DIY according to jade raw materials by weight, there are many tens of dollars, about one hundred yuan Jade raw materials can be selected; jewelry DIY bracelet price is generally more than 300 yuan; 2, jade product prices: own mines, own factories, so the price is very close to the people / hc /
Posted: 3 Dec, 2018
Gulangyu has taken the first impression of visitors with its fresh and romantic. Indeed, those small art shops that are all over the corner of the street, or all kinds of hand-hanging placed inside and outside the window, connected with the green plants on the roadside in front of the slope, are mixed with a small fresh taste. On the island, there are many old buildings. These old houses are very different in style, and each one can be tasted. Everywhere in Gulangyu can bring a lot of surprises, every place can make people infinitely obsessed along the streets of no one, downhill, turn, step on the first-order terrace. I don't know what kind of scenes I will meet, what kind of people, the shops that suddenly approached, and the small heart that spreads all over the body. Spread the time traces of the shop, let those pots grow up, squat, climb the first morning sun, climb the afternoon after a slight glimpse. The book immersed in the sun, a little bit of light, reveals a peace that is hard to give up. You can't help it, and if you want to take it away, it seems that you can take it away. 1. Transportation: To Gulangyu, you need to take a ferry at the Xiamen Visitor Center. The fare is 35 yuan for ordinary cruise ships and 50 yuan for luxury cruise ships. Tickets can be booked in advance on the APP. There is no car in Gulangyu Island. walk. 2. Tickets: There are many small attractions in Gulangyu Island, you need to buy tickets, including Sunlight Rock, Xinzhuang Garden, Organ Museum, Haoyue Garden, etc. You can also purchase a package. 3. Catering: There are many snack bars and cafes on the island, especially on the leading roads. There are almost one snack bar in the restaurant, including many old Chinese brands and brand chains.
Posted: 7 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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