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Xiamen Homestay Recommended | A B&B hidden in the old Chinese villa area, a good place to travel name: Ye She Garden Villa Address: No. 21 Huaxin Road, Siming District, Xiamen, near Zhongshan Road price and reservation: more than 300, all major travel sites can book experience: Ye She, although it is a homestay, but has a better experience than a star hotel, Although it is in the urban area, the environment is quiet and quiet. The B&B is transformed from an old Chinese villa. In the pursuit of restoring the original living conditions of the old house, it also takes into account the quality of the guests' accommodation and the quality of life. It also satisfies the spiritual enjoyment while satisfying the demand for materials. Room: Leaf House, each with its own highlights and theme, with a strong focus on the small details of the room. Some rooms have balconies or terraces, some have bathtubs, and the first floor rooms have small yards that open the windows to see the flowers in the yard. Everything in the room, from design to furniture, small to sheets, pillows, toiletries, paper towels, etc., are carefully selected, toiletries are L'Occitane, free tea is a specialty of Fujian, toiletries are readily available, detailed and thoughtful. Public area: B&B has a large yard, very suitable for friends to chat, and a big longan tree, this time should be mature. Dining: There is a complimentary breakfast for two, it is still good. Nearby attractions: Huaxin Road is a good attraction, there are many wedding dresses every day, there is Zhongshan Park, not in the bookstore and so on. Transportation: Bus to Dou West Road Station or Metro Line 1 to Zhongshan Park Station (3A) Stay in Yeshe, the most pleasant thing is to listen to the birds in the morning In the afternoon, accompanied by a fragrant book, sitting in the courtyard at night, and sometimes there are melodious piano pieces in the ear. Hold a cup of tea, the breeze blows, listen to the leaves rustling, and enjoy the beauty of life quietly.
Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street
Xiamen is not big. If you don't go to Gulangyu Island and the surrounding islands, it will be enough to arrange 2~3 days of play. This time we only spent 2 days and punched 7 places in Xiamen. Fig. 2 The unfinished building on the road around the island came to Xiamen to check out so many places, the most favorite is the unfinished building, although it is said to be a bad building, but it is not bad at all. The photos taken are super large. Traffic: Navigate to Zengshan Station and drive around 700 meters in the opposite direction of Xiamen University. On the right hand side, you will see a large iron gate. Here is the entrance to the unfinished building. Fig. 3Junyi Art Park The net red bubble house with a certain sound is here, the photo effect is very good. Traffic: Direct navigation to Junyi Art Park can be Figure 4 Wanshi Botanical Garden Xiamen's botanical garden is the most attractive place is spray, it is very Xianqi. Transportation: Take the bus to One China, that is, the west entrance of the Botanical Garden is the best entrance. Fig. 5 is a cat The small street of the theme, although not large, is full of cute cat statues and graffiti walls, perfect for taking pictures. Fig. 6 Nanhua Road Nanhua Road is next to Cat Street. After visiting Cat Street, you can take pictures by taking the road, a small and fresh street suitable for taking pictures of Wenyi Fan. Figure 7: Shapo tail Shapo tail is very close to Cat Street, you can play together. Figure 8 People who come to Xiamen will come to Zengyi, here is the food street. 9 great bed and breakfast
A lot of memories about the city start with taste buds! Some people say that Xiamen is tolerant, I am deeply convinced. In Xiamen, you can almost eat all kinds of delicacies you can think of, such as the Michelin-class American sour sirloin, and the wolves are definitely the first choice. The Wolves of Peace Pier is a single-family building. I like the floor-to-ceiling windows to see the sea view of Gulangyu. The combination of white gauze and red velvet cloth reveals a little aristocratic atmosphere and little romance. Black and white grid flooring, white dining cloth, deep red wooden walls... American enthusiasm. Wolfs of the Valley Feeding Angus Burdock, there are 180 days and 300 days. When the burdock is on the table, the plate is still hot, the waiter will cut it for you, and 5 minutes is a good choice. It is said that the 300-day grain-fed beef has a more durable "golden enjoyment time". After cooking for more than ten minutes, you can still clearly feel its freshness and juicy! The surface of the burdock is slightly charred, the inside is delicate and juicy, the mouth is chewed, and the salty aroma and fat of the beef texture come together. It is amazing. In addition to the main course sirloin, there are side dishes with onions, mushrooms and German-style potatoes. The two players weighed 800g and sold for 966 yuan. 180 days is much cheaper, the same 2 people, almost 300 yuan will be able to get. with American wine vinegar and salad with Canadian bacon and church cut Slow-fired fresh lamb leg with cheese broccoli mud I like it, especially the grainy broccoli mud with a hint of savory The obvious roast lamb can't be praised again quiet sitting, knife and fork slow, and delicious, like
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