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Aizhai Wonders Tourist Area

Aizhai Wonders Tourist Area

4.7/555 Reviews
"Cultural Experiencial Area"
Selected for Xiangxi Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Tracy is a dream for many people, and the dream is a bit real, to see Tracy, always belong to the deepest desire of many people. Ai Zhai Bridge, a magical bridge connecting two mountains, is not to be missed in West Hunan. "Hundred-year road and bridge wonders, Millennium Miaozhai customs, Wannian Canyon scenery" formed the Aizhai Wonderful Tourist Area, we don't want to miss one, in order to facilitate the next trip, we directly stay at the Flying Bridge Xianju Resort B&B, and guard the bridgehead of Aizhai Bridge, It's nice to see the bridge and the sea of clouds whenever you want. Flyover Xianju house type has wooden house, panoramic glass house, starry tent and trailer, chooses various have its own characteristic. Push open small courtyard wooden door, a small wooden house appeared in front of the door, into the door, found small wooden house is not small, inside equipped with tea room, machine, projector and bathtub, feeling is the secret of the mountain, very pleasant surprise. The whole Xianju is built on the mountain, wooden plank is covered by the jungle, walking in it is very cool. Each room has a separate small courtyard, bamboo poles or short bush fences separated the view of passers-by, independent space fully ensured privacy, delighted with such an environment. At the top of Xianju is a large infinity insulated heated pool, which is the best place to view the bridge. The majestic bridge is beautifully hidden in the green trees. Living in Xianju, to leave the world noise, relax, maybe this is our most wanted to find the feeling."