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Nanhuashan National Forest Park

Nanhuashan National Forest Park

4.3/549 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Fenghuang Important Religious Institutions
"Nanhua Mountain Watch the sunrise and walk through Tongxin Pavilion with one hand Get up early to see the sunrise in Nanhua Mountain. The winter morning air is cold, but walking and sweating. The sun comes out and it's hot enough to take off the cotton wool and hold it in your hand. Nanhua Mountain is located in the south of Phoenix Ancient City, 700 meters high, a total of Jiufeng Qixi, the most famous is Huwei Peak, Furongyan, is a natural barrier in the south of the city. It is called Nanhua Diecui. Up Nanhua Mountain, view the ancient city, see the Shenfeng. Open time 7:30-18:00 Ticket price 108 yuan / person Free policy: children 1.2 meters free; elderly people over 70 years of age free of ticket Preferential Policy: 1.2-1.450 yuan/person for children between meters, 50 yuan/person for elderly people over 65 years old with ID card, 50 yuan/person for military personnel, students and disabled people with relevant documents There is a beautiful legend in the South China Mountain. It is said that long ago, an old man with a hair and a child's face, riding a fairy-hoofed road through the area, see the valley of the wind, the qi spread, the mountains of wood and weeds withered. The old man took out the bottle, in the valley sprayed a few drops of water, immediately clouds cleared, evil spirits disappeared. The dead wood spewed buds, the flowers blooming, thousands of red purple, the battle, the whole mountain top again presented a group of spring, the scenery. It was the Antarctic fairy do good. People named the mountain Nanhua Mountain for their gratitude. He will always unite with you. Legend has it that when you walk through the Tongxin Pavilion in Nanhua Mountain, you can accompany you to the old. Experience first hand, not allowed ......"