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Haiquanwan Hot Spring

Haiquanwan Hot Spring

4.6/5479 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Haiquanwan Hot Spring is located in the China Geothermal City Square of in the center of Xianyang’s Century Avenue. It has extremely soft water. There are many culturally themed hot springs here, such as the Roman Bath, Turkish Bath and Russian-style Monica Bath. Visitors are invited to be immersed in the lush green surroundings, as the exquisite Chinese-style garden inspires a natural and tranquil feeling.
Lanbowan Hot Spring Water World

Lanbowan Hot Spring Water World

4.3/566 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
Entertainment Center
Lanbowan Hot Spring Water World is a large-scale leisure and business center in Shaanxi Province that combines environmental friendly leisure and hot springs relaxation. It is constructed and decorated with classical Chinese elements. Spread out underneath the blue sky with a surrounding beach and scenic landscape, the large Japanese-style outdoor hot spring area gives people an unparalleled experience. With a music fountain in it, the children's entertainment area is even more unique.
Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort

Daqin Hot Spring Health ResortNearby City

4.6/5234 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot spring business hours are 10:00-23:00. (Local time)
Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort is a famous Qin culture experiential hot spring resort hotel in Shaanxi Province. The hot springs of Daqin Hot Spring Health Resort are all pure deep-water hot springs taken directly from the depths of the ground. The water is clear and smooth, no odor, and with a lot of minerals. It also allows people to enjoy the comfort of hot springs in the downtown area.
Yuanjia Village

Yuanjia VillageNearby City

4.5/5335 Reviews
Folk Village
Yuanjia Village is located in the heart of the Weihe Plain, about a kilometer from the Zhao Mausoleum of Emperor Taizong of Tang. Yuanjia Village has two sections, one devoted to the folk culture of the plain, and the other to agritourism. Shops line the lanes of Yuanjia. There's a replica ancient oil mill and tofu and noodle workshops. You can even go inside a textile workshop where older people are carefully weaving cloth. The whole setting makes it feel like you've returned to the Weihe Plain of centuries past.
Qinlong Hot Spring

Qinlong Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/5202 Reviews
Hot Spring
10:00-20:30 (Local time)
Qinlong Hot Spring has a large-scale hot spring bathing center, which consists of dozens of soup ponds, such as open air, semi-open air and indoor. The hot springs have a beauty bath, a milk bath, a flower bath, etc., which are divided into a dry steam room area, a children's bath area, a health spa area, and a large indoor swimming pool. In addition, there is a water park inside, including air rotation, wave water slides, mushroom pavilions, water bumper cars and other entertainment projects.
Nanshan Hot Springs

Nanshan Hot SpringsNearby City

4.4/557 Reviews
Hot Spring
Nanshan Hot Springs are located in Dongda Hot Spring Resort in Xi'an's Chang'an District. There are famous scenic spots such as the Caotang Temple which has a thousand years history, the Fanchuan Ancient Temple Group, and the Fenggao Western Zhou Site. It is divided into three areas: the main hot spring pavilion area, the lodge area and the outdoor spa area. The site has free flowing hot spring water, fresh air and beautiful surroundings. After a while, the pores of the body open up and visitors find that they feel very comfortable.
Lintong Angsana Spa

Lintong Angsana SpaNearby City

4.6/5395 Reviews
Hot Spring
On September 1, 2017, May 31, 2018, the hot springs are open from 11:00 to 23:00. (Local time)
Lintong Angsana Spa is located about 30 km from Xi'an. Famous attractions nearby include the Huaqing Hot Springs and the Terracotta Warriors. The architectural style prevalent throughout the spa hotel is Tang Dynasty inspired. The comprehensive facilities include a separate two-story spa building and a spacious outdoor hot spring area. The outdoor hot springs have 25 small pools and one large family pool across three thematic areas.Natural hot spring water and medicinal herbs complement each other to further help visitors immerse themselves in the experience of a lifetime.
Bug's Land of Qinling Wild Life Park

Bug's Land of Qinling Wild Life ParkNearby City

4.7/575 Reviews
Entertainment Center
The Bug's Land locates within Xi'an Qinling Wild Life Park, the north foot of Qinling Mountains, Chang'an District. There are various amusements, such as Mini-shuttle, Bugs' Skyrocket, and Happy Ride in the park. The Bug's Land of Qinling Wild Life Park is very popular among the general public, especially children, and it is a haven for children.
Huaqing Yutang Hot Spring

Huaqing Yutang Hot SpringNearby City

4.6/548 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot spring opening hours: 14:00-22:00, ticketing time: 14:00-21:00. (Local time)
Situated in Huaqing Scenic Area, Huaqing Yutang Hot Springs rely on natural hot spring resources and beautiful landscape scenery. It consists of open-air lotus soup, Sea otter soup, and Prince Edward soup, which constitute a unique combination from Yutang District. Specially appointed professional spa therapists from home and abroad used the bathing of Sheng Tang and modern health to launch a series of health programs here.
Tangyu Beshuiwan Hot Spring

Tangyu Beshuiwan Hot SpringNearby City

4.4/589 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-22:30 (Local time)
Tangyu Beshuiwan Hot Spring is located in the Tangyu Hot Spring Tourism Resort. Since the Han Dynasty, hot springs have been developed here. There are facilities such as Tianyuan Difang Pool, Sauna, Slate Bath, Wufu Pool, etc. to meet your needs. (Translator's Note: The official translations of the attractions do not make sense, so the translator provided her own translation) In addition to hot springs, there are also Barbeque Bar, Taibai Bar, Tangsheng Theater, Folk Restaurant, etc. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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