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About Xinghua

Xinghua is located in central Jiangsu, at the northern end of the Yangtze River Delta region. The city has a number of cultural and historical attractions – the author of the famous Chinese classic 'Water Margin' Shi Nai'an was born here, as was the Qing dynasty painter and writer Zheng Banqiao. Major attractions include Zheng Banqiao's residence, Shi Nai'an's tomb and the old town.

Popular Attractions in Xinghua

Lizhong Water Forest Park
1,244 Reviews
City Park
Lizhong Water Forest Park is a man-made ecological forest where various trees adapted to living in water, such as the pond cypress and dawn redwood, are planted. Economic products like taro and rapeseed are grown among the trees. The more than 10,000 pond cypresses, dawn redwoods, and other trees planted here have already matured into a dense, vigorous, garden on the water. Hop a wooden raft to shuttle through the waterways and view the many trees growing up out of the water. It is an eyeful of green, this natural oxygen bar, and a great place for city dwellers to get back to nature.
Qianduo (Raised Wetland Fields) Scenic Area
1,707 Reviews
Rural Area
According to legend, the Qianduo Scenic Area represents the mysterious and powerful military formation created by General Yue Fei in the 12th century. Here, farmers’ fields of all different sizes rise up out of the wetland, disconnected from each other. Crisscrossed and surrounded by waterways, they are unreachable except by boat. Each separate field is like an island floating on the surface of the water. Every year around the time of the Qingming Festival (early April), the canola flowers bloom. The “golden islands” create a stunning sight with their explosions of yellow under the blue sky, outlined and crossed through by the clear, blue water.
Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall
144 Reviews
Memorial Hall
Famous Residences
Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall is located at 7-8 Zhengjia alley in Xinghua city, Taizhou. It was built to commemorate Zheng Banqiao, a writer from the Qing dynasty. Stretching from north to south are eight Qing dynasty era buildings. Displayed within are ancient bronze statues of Zheng Banqiao, reproductions of his paintings and calligraphy, and objects of everyday use. At his former residence, visitors can not only enjoy his displayed works, but also get a sense of his daily life.
Wujindang Scenic Area
34 Reviews
City Park
Wujindang Scenic Area is located in Wudou Corridor, Yingwu North Road, Xinghua, Taizhou. Wujindang gets its name after a legend that Chinese General Yue Fei shot off the black towel, pronounced as Wujin in Chinese, of Jin Wushu here. Here also locates Shangfang Temple built during the years of Emperor Chong Zhen in the Ming Dynasty. Surrounded by water, it is a famous water Buddhist resort. There are buildings such as Ciyun Bridge, Monastery Gate, Great Buddha’s Hall, Depository of Buddhist Sutras, and Jietai Temple.

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Trip Moments

Zheng Banqiao, a painter and writer of the Qing Dynasty, a writer of Xinghua, Jiangsu. Kangxi Xiucai, Yongzheng ten years of people, Qianlong first year of scholars. The county magistrate of Minxian County has a remarkable political performance. After living in Yangzhou, he made a living by selling paintings and was an important representative of the Eight Monsters of Yangzhou. Zheng Banqiao's former residence, located in the east of Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, is a very small attraction, so there are not many people. The courtyard is not very large, but it is very delicate, the building is simple, the wall is covered with tiles, and it is a quiet place. Visiting Zheng Banqiao's former residence focuses on the culture. From the gardens and buildings, you can feel the cultural heritage here. Although the courtyard is not as good as Su Xichang, you can imagine how Zheng Banqiao smelled the chickens and danced poetry books here. Going further, it is a slightly larger courtyard. The green bamboo in the courtyard is in a hurry and warm. There is a bamboo forest behind the house. The back garden has flower windows and waters, and the scenery is pleasant. There are celebrity inscriptions on the back garden promenade. This is the "Ya room" written by Zheng Banqiao in "The room is not big, the flowers are not much". It is said to be a former residence, more like a small garden, the room is a study, by the window, you can see the bamboo shadows in the garden. There are pavilions and lotus gardens in the garden, which are elegant and quiet. I also met the old gentleman who plays Zheng Banqiao. It looks a bit far from it. This is also a must-see for Xinghua Old Town. If you don't have time to visit other places, at least check it out.
Posted: 8 Apr, 2019
Jiangsu farmers started planting trees, and after 30 years, thousands of acres of forests became national 4A scenic spots Jinghua City, Jiangsu Province. Although located in Jiangbei, it is also a water town, and the most famous one in the territory is Putian. The most famous in spring is the rape blossoms in the Millennium Scenic Area. Not far from the rapeseed field, there is also a water forest park, which is also worth visiting. Lizhong Water Forest Park, this scenic area covers an area of about 2,000 acres, including 1050 acres of forest area and 950 acres of water area. This scenic spot can be said to have been built inadvertently. As early as the early 1980s, local people planted tree species such as cedar and metasequoia for the development of wasteland resources. After more than 30 years, it has become a dense forest, and it has also attracted tens of thousands of birds to settle in. Many tourists regard this as a paradise in East China. There are more than 100,000 cedar trees in the forest of Lizhong Water Forest. The forest grows tall and dense. The forest uses the common style of Putian in Xinghua. Trees and canals are connected, and visitors can also visit the forest park by boat. In 2014, Lizhong Water Forest Park was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction, which is also the first 4A scenic spot in Xinghua City. There are perfect wooden plank roads in the scenic spot, visitors can go deep into the forest and watch birds. There are more than 60,000 birds in the forest at most, and there are more than 30,000 in the forest. The main ones are owls, wild ducks, egrets, black rhododendrons, grass parrots, and mountains. The scene of birds returning at dusk is very spectacular. The locals still retain the traditional skills of fishing with ospreys, and now they have become performances in the scenic area. This forest park is the largest constructed wetland ecological forest in Jiangsu Province, forming a water town landscape with water in the forest and birds in the forest. In the spring, together with the rapeseed in the Millennium Scenic Area, it constitutes the most beautiful scenery in Xinghua.
Posted: 17 May, 2019
Lizhong Water Forest Park has the largest artificial wetland ecological forest in Jiangsu Province, which is the natural oxygen bar for urbanites to return to nature and leisure. The forest is mainly dominated by metasequoia, and in the late autumn season, the metasequoia has reached a beautiful time. The breeze blows through, the leaves are swaying, and the gentleness can shake people's hearts. When it rains, it rains. After the drizzle, the mist seems to cover the mysterious veil of the metasequoia. There is a desire to rest, you can hold the umbrella, walk through them in a light way, slow down. It seems as if you are stepping on time. The quiet bridge after the rain, because of the arrival of tourists, it is very lively. If you are wearing a paper umbrella, Tingtings bridge, you say that the people on the bridge are watching the scenery, or the people watching the scenery are watching you. This fascinating scenery is not the forest itself, but artificial fog, but it is really beautiful. The water system in the park is rich, forming a landscape of water in the forest, birds in the forest, which is very different from those in the deep forest. A group of people sat in the boat, and there was a completely different feeling in the water. The time seemed to slow down. I liked the feeling of mistyness, just like in a fairyland. The Chinese name of Zhisheng from the United Kingdom: Ali, who came to China to study, fell in love with the mountains and waters here. At first I saw the ID card and only saw the beard with a full face. I didn't expect it to be a handsome guy. Everything is very quiet, we have passed the time, passed through the years, maybe just to look at it. After the rain, the water drops let the dead leaves sing the ultimate beauty.
Posted: 19 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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