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In the new Taoyuan Mountain Taoyuan in Jiangsu Province, in March and April each year, the Taoyuan is a blush, and the peach blossoms are blooming in the spring breeze. It is really an intoxicating scene to watch the peach blossoms. In June and July, the peach bag with peaches became bulging because it was the harvest season. Walking into Taoyuan, a scent of peaches and scented people came to the surface. If you look at it and haven't eaten it, it will make people drool. Eating sweet peaches, taking beautiful photos, and making a good look at it, its really delicious and happy.
Posted: 25 Jul, 2019
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Yaowan Ancient Town
After the tourist season, the ancient town of Yaowan in Jiangsu has become deserted, and the night view is not beautiful. Jiang'an Yaowan Ancient Town is located on the shore of Luoma Lake in Xinyi City, Xuzhou. It is adjacent to Suqian City and has prospered since ancient times. Yaowan is known as the first ancient town on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and has a history of more than a thousand years. After the hoh/11 tourist season, the ancient town of Yaowan began to become deserted. There were not many tourists in the ancient town. At night, it was almost empty, but the night view of the ancient town was still beautiful. Take in the old town at night, although there are no tourists, the lamp is still on, more beautiful than the daytime. The size of the ancient town of Yaowan is not too large, and some are being built. Commercial street in the ancient town, there are many old shops and restaurants on this street, but there are not many normal business, maybe only weekend visitors will have more. The old town of Yaowan in the daytime also has few tourists. The ancient town feels clean and tidy. From the gate of the north gate, there is a large piece of ancient architecture on one side and Laojiao River on the other. The Laojiao River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal meet here. The ancient town is surrounded by water on three sides. The ancient town of Yaowan has some spirituality due to water. More than 100 years ago, Guzhen was a north-south water transport hub and an important commodity distribution center. There are many old shops on the old town of Yaowan, which were preserved at that time. There are pawnshops, sauce gardens, wineries and many clubs in the ancient town, as well as a Catholic church, which has a history of more than 100 years. The commercial street during the day is still deserted, and there are not many merchants opening. The ancient town of Northern Jiangsu is different from the ancient towns of Zhouzhuang and Tongli in Jiangnan, and prefers the ancient town of Yaowan under the night.
The Asia-Europe Hotel eats Ya'aofu sheep Fuyang cuisine is a unique food culture in Xuzhou, with a long history. The success of the Fuyang Food Festival has been held for several consecutive years, which has made the concept of Fo Tian Huo Yang, Nutrition and Health deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Voltswade is the beginning of the annual season, which begins on the first day of the month and lasts for one month. According to the solar terms of the lunar calendar, the third Geng (one Geng and nine days) after the "Summer Solstice" is "initial", the fourth Geng is the middle, and the first Geng after the autumn is "three volts", that is, "the end" Volt." During this month, people in Xuzhou concentrated on various hotels, restaurants and specialized mutton restaurants, barbecue stalls, mutton, and mutton soup. In Xinyi, you will arrive at the Asia-Europe Hotel. Its a good food to eat hot mutton in the winter of Peng Zufus sheep festival. The locals have to go against the other way. In the hottest days of the year, they eat a lot of chili red oil mutton. The spirit of the people of the land that has been rumored since ancient times. Of course, in addition to lamb, there are many local specialties, snacks, and everything is exquisite and delicious. It is not as delicious as the Asian and European cuisine. There are many ways to mutton here. Originally, I didn't like to eat mutton. The hotel's mutton soup has no taste, it is very delicious, and it is recommended.
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