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Things To Do in Yan'an

Hukou Waterfall
6,943 Reviews
JerryI don't know why they call it yellow, I say it's brown. It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've seen in the province of Shanxi.
Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
2,328 Reviews
Historical Site
Baota Mountain
1,641 Reviews
qtrqqclFinally came to my heart of the holy place Yan'an. The night view is beautiful, the pagoda mountain, rolling Yanhe water. Yanhe water is not much, Anlan Gate spectacular. But we did not have the opportunity to go to the pagoda to see, let alone climb the tower far away.
Qiankun Bay
764 Reviews
strong钟Qiankun Bay, Yichuan, Shaanxi Province, is a large river-qu scenic area extending 68 kilometers. The official name is the Yellow River Shequ National Geopark, including more than a dozen attractions, Qingshui Bay, Niuwei Village, etc. , has become a small famous tourist and leisure area. Tickets are 80 yuan. 200 meters after entering the gate of Qiankun Bay Scenic Area, is the No. 1 observation platform Qiankun Pavilion. This is the best viewing point of Qiankun Bay, the No. 2 observation platform, the giant snake island, the mother stone, the eagle mouth, the No. 3 observation platform, a total of more than 1 km.
Qingliang Mountain
238 Reviews
M28***08Pay the party member's parents to pilgrimage, Yan'an *** holy place. Tickets directly buy 40 yuan, buy 35 yuan. Parents 70 years old, free tickets. Come here to know that this was hidden in the door of the temple cave Xinhua Daily Printing Office, added history education. This mountain is not high, facing Wanda Plaza and Yanhe, you can also see the Pagoda Mountain with good scenery.
Shaanxi Huangling National Forest Park
96 Reviews
National Park
陕西黄陵国家森林公园In the Yao Health Valley, the time is slow, and the summer is cold. What you need to walk in here is just slow down and enjoy the scenery and cool summer. Looking for a summer resort in mid-summer 22℃, miss this place and regret it for a year! You can take a walk on a kettle, relax in the forest with a little oxygen, or try a forest ride to enjoy the rare tranquility. After the activity, you'll be hungry? Why not have a big barbecue and a cold beer. Looking for a summer resort in midsummer 22℃, miss this one year! Or you can simply do nothing, walk in the mountains, try Li Bai in "Summer Mountain" "Lazily shake white feather fan, naked in the green forest." The kind of hands have fans are lazy shake, naked chest in the shade of the green mountain forest, leisurely and free. Looking for a summer resort in mid-summer 22℃, miss this regret for a year! After a day of play, you are exhausted. The enthusiasm of the bonfire reduces your fatigue. The red flames reflect the red mountains and green water. The girls of North Shaanxi who can sing and dance around the flames dance. Looking for a summer resort in mid-summer 22℃, miss this regret for a year! The melodious Shaanxi tone "Xintianyou" is swaying through the valley, the wind at night cool with the taste of the big mountain, climbing the pier of Feilongling, watching the stars. The universe is vast and infinite, life is unhappy and happy, in the face of nature, learn to live with ease. Looking for a summer resort in the middle of summer 22℃, miss this place to regret for a year! You are tired of city life; tired of work; lost faith in life. In the hot city, the heat island effect of 40℃ makes you feel dizzy... Your eyes have not escaped yet! Looking for a summer resort in midsummer 22℃, I missed this and regretted it for a year! Why go to Jiangnan if you want to feel cool in midsummer? Come to Huangling National Forest Park to experience the ice cold of 22℃. Indulge in the mountains and waters, feel the cool wind in the mountains, the water on the bottom of the feet, let the whole body and mind completely relax. Find a summer resort in mid-summer 22℃ and regret this for a year! In the ten mile pine corridor of the Yangsheng Valley deep drunk oxygen, in the high point of the flying dragon mountain, in the temple of the Tianwang devout prayer... When exhaustion dispersed, the heat of the heart with the mountains and the clean spring baptism slowly faded, when the morning sun slowly rise, The sunset on the horizon is gone... This is really a worthwhile trip. We fell in love with this place, drove to this place, a bright pearl in the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi. Looking for a summer resort in mid-summer 22℃, missed this one year!

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Wanhua Mountain
Wanhua MountainYan'an,China

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Wazi Street Battle Martyrs' Cemetery
Wazi Street Battle Martyrs' CemeteryYan'an,China

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Mulan Cemetery
Mulan CemeteryYan'an,China

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Yan'an Culture Artistic Center
Yan'an Culture Artistic CenterYan'an,China

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Yan'an Moyashike
Yan'an MoyashikeYan'an,China

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Shaanxi Huanglong Game Land
Shaanxi Huanglong Game LandYan'an,China

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Yan'an Travel Tips

About Yan'an

Located in the northern part of Shaanxi Province, Yan'an was the end of the Long March of the Red Army and the base of the Chinese Communist Party from 1935 to 1948. Among all the revolutionary base cities in China, Yan'an is the city with the largest scale, the largest number and the most complete layout of the old revolutionary sites. It is an educational base for patriotism, revolutionary tradition and the Yan'an spirit. There are also Xuanyuan Huangdi Mausoleum, which is the "Number One Ancient Tomb in China", Baota Mountain and other historical monuments. There are an abundance of natural landscapes including Yan'an Yellow River Hukou Waterfall and Wanhua Mountain, the country's largest wild peony colony and the hometown of Mulan.

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