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The ticket from Yancheng Bus Terminal to Huahai is ten yuan a person. The journey is long and it takes more than one hour. Fortunately, catching up with the tourist season, the station's car will send you directly to the flower sea area. If it is off-season, it will only throw you at an unknown station, and you have to spend a penny on your own taxi. There is a semi-circular garland in the flower sea, and there is a small bridge. The bridge is full of flowers. When you go up, you want to take pictures. Wherever you go, you don't want to miss every corner. There is a large open space in the park. It should be a place for weddings. It is a very romantic thing to hold a wedding in such a beautiful space. And everyone who comes to Huahai will always linger on it, maybe this is the feeling of Huahai!
Posted: 21 Dec, 2018
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Water Street
Yancheng in Jiangsu's northern Jiangsu is a low-key city, unlike the aura of Suzhou and Nanjing. The history of Yancheng is also very long. Because of the salt county in 119 BC, although the salt industry is not the main one, the name has been preserved. The sea salt culture of Yancheng has a long history and a sea salt museum has been built. There is a water street in the south of Yancheng, which is a must for many tourists. However, this water street is not a monument, but a new one. The total investment of Water Street is 310 million yuan. It was officially completed in 2008 and is positioned in the national 4A level tourist attraction. Water Street covers an area of more than 200 acres. It is located in the administrative center area and is also the core area of culture. It is responsible for the city's characteristic business, tourism, culture and leisure. It is called the Confucius Temple in Yancheng. Take a wooden canopy at the circular pier on the riverside of the river. Pass the waterway entrance and cross the water gate at the southernmost side of the water street. There are more than 50 shops along the street, which concentrate on Yancheng's special tourism products related to the sea salt culture. The wooden boat slowly passed through the "Rafting Boat Theatre", "Old Zhou Tea Club", "Hanmo Pavilion" and "Shuiyun Pavilion", and finally arrived at the Yanshang House - Da Zhai Men, located at the northern end of Shui Street. Dazhemen covers an area of about 20,000 square meters and has a total of three entrances. It is the largest group of concentrated buildings in the entire water street scenic spot.
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